Fight disease with your fork

Fight disease with your fork

Is what your eating helping or hurting your ability to fight disease? You decide on the end of every fork.

It runs in your family. You have dear loved ones who have suffered from it and you feel like you’re destined to do the same. Is it heart disease – the leading killer in America? Or cancer? Or diabetes? Are you always getting sick?

You might have inherited their DNA, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a victim of it.

It’s no secret. Your lifestyle choices can chart a different path for you. So why does it seem so hard sometimes to pick a salad over the drive-thru? Convenience. Filling half your plate with a variety of fruit and mostly vegetables is easy when you wash it with Eat Cleaner first, so that it’s ready for the week. This is my meal prep that I shared on Instagram and it literally took 10 minutes.

“I regret eating well,” said no one ever. Nature is so smart! The power of the rainbow is potent. Every color helps feed your body to the core. Some of their roles are:

Green for detoxification and healthy cells.

Yellow for skin, hair and nails.

White for immunity and feeding gut health.

Purple for powerful free-radical defense.

Red for hearth health.

Orange for potent antioxidants and cancer prevention




They’re your ‘friends with bennies’ as I like to say. To name just a few, you’ll:

Feel fuller longer with all those fiber-rich foods
Power up your body with disease-fighting micronutrients
Cleanse and nourish your system with hydrating foods
Give your digestion the push it needs to eliminate waste
Support good gut health
Protect your heart, especially with red, lycopene-rich produce
Prevent cell oxidation, the root of many progressive diseases

No one ever said they were hungry after eating a bunch of broccoli! It starts by making the choice when you shop. Prioritize produce at every meal and watch shift happen for good. Build your body’s armor and reverse the habits of disease. You won’t regret it.



Do you have a personal story of how you’ve overcome disease with nutrition? Please share it with us in the comments!

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