How to Make Better-For-You Pizza

How to Make Better-For-You Pizza
Mayday. Mayday. Send pizza, stat! Over.” .
“Roger that. Comin’ your way.”
Your girl here, ready to throw a little fiyah on your DAY. 😉🍕🔥
Let me first say, if you think you can’t eatcleaner and still eat ‘za, we can’t be friends. #sorrynotsorry 😍
I take my ‘za very seriously. And you should, too. Pizza is a great way to get balanced nutrition and a lot of veggies onto your plate in a way the whole family will appreciate. You just have to pick the ‘players’ carefully.
And speaking of players, to all my words with friends homies, that’s a helluva 2-letter scrabble word if you have the Z on a triple letter.
Cooking up a storm over here in my handy little electric pizza oven so I don’t self-incinerate from heating the oven up on this steamy 🔥🔥#socal afternoon.
I couldn’t have done any of it without Melissa’s Produce generous produce box stacked and packed with ‘zalicious inspo.
Made pita breakfast pizzas for the perfectly proportioned pie. Topped sprouted Toufayan Sprouted Pita rounds with my homemade pizza sauce, nitrate-free prosciutto, goat cheese, a lazy, yolk-alicious sunny side up egg and a crown of vinaigrette-dressed arugula and basil and an avocado rose. A grind of pepper and Melissa’s Produce Italian seasoning. That. Egg. Tho. Reminds me of living in Rome where I found tastebuds I never knew I had. 👅
The second pizza sits is a cauliflower gluten free flatbread crust from none other than the jolly Green Giant, and what a great shortcut! Just make sure you get it nice and toasty first in the oven before you too it so it doesn’t fall apart. Molto Delicata! Topped that with my homemade sundried tomato paste which has chunks of cremini mushrooms, roasted black garlic and of course, those sundried tomato gems for a lovely, umami mami backdrop for homemade roasted and marinated peppers, more dressed arugula and some fresh mozzarella di Buffala. .
SWAPS: If you’re vegan, use Daiya Foods ‘cheese’ – the best melty-ness factor for a plant-based option, omit the egg and swap out prosciutto with Beyond Meat sausage. If you’re an omnivore, make it all. You won’t regret it.

PMQ Live Update with Mareya Ibrahim, Eat Cleaner with Chef Mareya

Mareya Ibrahim of Eat Cleaner with Chef Mareya and author of “Eat Like you Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive" and "The Clean Eating Handbook" shares a couple delicious pizza recipes you can make at home with your family! Chef Mareya will also talk about utilizing everyday nutritious ingredients found in your home until the restrictions release. We will also talk about staying strong and keeping your household in a positive state of mind and much more! Tune in at 2 PM CST to see all the pizza making action and get some tips to make a great meal with your family that everyone will enjoy!

Posted by Eat Cleaner with Chef Mareya on Friday, May 1, 2020

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