Reasons you should buy local produce

Reasons you should buy local produce

Why buy local? Many often ask this question. Especially in an era where with the click of an app, whatever you desire can be delivered directly to your front door in mere hours. But when we choose to buy local products, we contribute directly to the growth and development of our community. And if that isn’t a big enough reason to shop local– here are a few more:

Fresh tastes better

For starters, local food tastes better because it is fresh. Think of the times that you’ve enjoyed an ear of sweet corn from a nearby farm–or how sweet and juicy the tomatoes are from your friend’s garden versus the tomatoes and sweet corn you buy in the grocery store. That’s because fresh food is juicy, ripe, firm, and full of flavor. It hasn’t been treated with sprays or waxes to extend the shelf life. It tastes exactly how it does when it comes off the plant. Typically, when you shop at a local farmer’s market, the food has been picked within 24 hours of you receiving it. Including fresh produce in one’s diet is essential for everyone. After all, you feel better when you eat better. After you pick up your food, don’t forget to wash your local produce and store it safely in a sealed container. Our produce wash is all-natural, and more effective than water in cleaning wax, pesticide residues, and soil from organically grown produce. Our eatCleaner fruit and veggie wash also keeps your produce fresh which can save you hundreds of dollars a year—and keeps food out of landfills.

Buying local helps the economy

Buying local bolsters and strengthens the local economy. When people choose to buy from local mom-and-pop shops or farms, they are contributing to the growth and sustainability of their community. When you buy local, your money stays local. That means more jobs will be created and the income earned will stay in the community. Moreover, by purchasing local food, you’re not only supporting area farmers but also fostering connections with your neighbors which builds a sense of community. Finding fresh local food isn’t difficult either. There are thousands of farmers listed in the local food directory which makes it easy to find and load up on fresh food in your community. 

Buying local reduces plastic waste

Buying locally reduces the amount of plastic trash and packaging that ends up in landfills. According to a new report, the vast majority of plastic –even items that are placed in those blue recycling bins–ends up in landfills. But when you choose to buy locally, the food items are not typically packaged in plastic. Additionally, you can help reduce waste even more by bringing along your own reusable bags when shopping at the farmer’s market.

Better for the planet

 Eating locally not only helps the local economy and your community, but it reduces our carbon footprint. By choosing food that doesn’t have to travel long distances from the farm to your table, you effectively eliminate CO2 emissions from trucks and planes, thus making a positive impact on the environment.  

Fun Experience

Speaking for myself, grocery shopping has always been a dreaded task. However, when I visit the local farmer’s market or venture out to the farm to gather my sweet corn and strawberries, it becomes an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Local farmers not only prioritize their customers’ satisfaction but also engage in friendly conversations about the harvest and dish out excellent suggestions on cooking with fresh produce.

Buying locally is cheaper!

Oftentimes, buying local, organic produce from the farmer’s market or the farm itself, is much cheaper than conventional grocery stores. This is primarily due to the lack of import costs. Unlike businesses, local farmers typically don’t engage in price gouging. I’m frequently taken aback by the sticker shock of organic produce at the grocery store. And that food isn’t 100% organic because there are still chemicals sprayed on the produce to make it appealing to shoppers and preserve the shelf life. Some stores will also hike the price because of the organic label. The reality is– shoppers can get nutritious organic fruits and vegetables without price hikes by buying from their local farmer.

Absolutely, it does matter if we buy locally, and now more than ever! The benefits of supporting local businesses and producers are numerous and far-reaching. It’s a win-win situation that positively impacts our well-being, environment, and the overall health of our communities. Therefore, when stores are abundant with locally-grown tomatoes or sweet corn during the summer months, buy them! I love to stock up on sweet corn during the summer months. I preserve this seasonal goodness to enjoy throughout the year. It is crucial that we prioritize buying locally and embrace the positive impact it can have on our community.

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