EP 86 – Is your gut ready for COVID-19?

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Is your gut ready for COVID-19?
We all know the importance of a healthy gut. It revs ups digestion and metabolism, and further promotes overall well-being. According to a report on the official website of University of California, Davis, “Gut health describes the function and balance of bacteria of the many parts of the gastrointestinal tract.” There is an extensive variety of bacteria in our digestive tract. Referred to as microbiome, most of these microorganisms are extremely beneficial for our health. Studies around the world have proved its influence on our mood, mental health, skin health, immunity and more. About 70 percent of the immunity system is housed with the gut walls. Now, global studies recommend maintaining a healthy gut to promote immunity and prevent several flu and bacterial attacks in the longer run.  Including COVID-19.

“Your ability to fight the disease is at the end of your fork.”
-Mareya Ibrahim- The Fit Foodie


“Your health is the wealth.”
-Mareya Ibrahim- The Fit Foodie


1:00 Trust your gut more than you should- how do you react to Covid?

2:03 How do you respond to the disease?

2:47 Data and studies- let’s take a closer look at it

6:30 Habits- teach your body and embrace the probiotics 

9:20 Why aren’t people talking about this more? It’s gold

9:54 Survey- symptoms relate more like gut health problems

13:24 Respiratory disease vs gastric debate

17:15 How important is your gut health? So forking important


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