Why Red Desert Clay Should Be Part of Your Daily Health Routine!

Why Red Desert Clay Should Be Part of Your Daily Health Routine!

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Why Red Desert Clay Should Be Part of Your Daily Health Routine!

Red Desert Clay - Eat Cleaner Blog

If you’re like many people, you may think that clay is something you use for a facial to tighten up pores and remove toxins. And while clay is great to add to your beauty routine, I discovered more than 14 years ago that there are numerous health benefits associated with the regular use of clay, and particularly Red Desert Clay that can be used both internally and externally for detoxification, removing unwanted bacteria and remineralizing our cells.

Before discovering the myriad of uses for Red Desert Clay, I was only familiar with bentonite clay, which has many good uses but is not recommended for internal cleansing. Bentonite is a nickname given to a sodium based industrial clay mined in Fort Benton, Wyoming in 1920. Since the mine closed in 1921, the term “bentonite” has been applied to nearly all clays mined in any location and often with inaccurate labels that do not correctly identify the product’s content and capabilities. Because clays can be radically and structurally different, here is a general guideline for choosing them based on your health goals.

Red Desert Clay - Eat Cleaner Blog

An ideal clay will:

  • Move into the bloodstream and reach toxins which have bio-accumulated at the cellular level

  • Leave behind an array of minerals for strengthening bones, joints and tissues

  • Bind to unfriendly bacteria both internally and externally

  • Contain high naturally occurring silica for helping to move calcium into bones

  • Alkalize and neutralize acids (acid reflux)

  • Be beneficial for internal and external uses

  • Have the smallest particle sizes and the highest electrical charge

  • BOTH absorb and adsorb a wide range of toxins with each dosage

  • Be gentle enough to eat daily

Yes, you read the last one correctly about eating clay!

However, after I received some unsettling medical diagnoses in 2002, I researched clays extensively and discovered “bentonite” was fine for applying externally and for occasional consumption for an upset stomach, food poisoning or diarrhea, but it was not a good option for daily, internal detoxification. At the time, it was vitally important for me to detoxify my entire body and to choose the most nutrient dense foods and products for optimal healing. When I chose to add edible clay to my daily health regime, I chose a premium calcium montmorillonite or Red Desert Clay, as it came with the scientific information I needed to validate how it would provide detoxification for my entire body and help with an osteopenia diagnosis I received at age 45.

If you’re serious about improving your overall health with clay, then montmorillonite or Red Desert Clay is always going to be the clay of choice. It is the preferred clay and the most valued and researched for detoxifying the body, removing unwanted bacteria and the most nutrient dense for remineralizing our cells. Once again, if the clay is to be used only for external purposes, then most clays labeled “bentonite clay” will be sufficient. However, if you are dealing with conditions such as a buruli ulcer or MRSA then read:

Montmorillonite Study at Arizona State University

Studies on montmorillonite clay as a therapeutic agent were conducted most recently at the Arizona State University. The results were highly effective against numerous bacteria such as



•Buruli Ulcer (a flesh eating skin infection)

•Bacteria resistant to antibiotics

Click here to read about this research.

Overall, Red Desert Clay is more versatile and has more uses than other clays you will find. I have been eating it daily for 14 years and brushing my teeth with it after flossing, as it binds to unfriendly bacteria in the gum line. (my dental pockets disappeared!) (NOTE – MENTION THE AMALGAMS HERE, HOW TO AVOID CONTACT WITH THEM) I also use it externally for facials, any kind of skin rash, bug bites or stings and also apply the clay mud to unhealthy skin spots that appear here and there – although this is not to replace your dermatologist.

Red Desert Clay is the only one I use because more toxins “stick” to it than with any other clays, partly due to its electrical charge. Every clay has an electrical charge which is its pulling power. The electrical charge in Red Desert® clay is quite strong due to the location where our clay is mined. The hot, dry, arid, desert conditions exceed 100 degrees regularly. This consistent heat causes our clay minerals to remain alkaline and retain its electrically active, negatively charged ion which gives it a high quality rate of ADsorption and ABsorption.

To further understand the difference:

ADsorption is the process by which toxic substances stick to the outside surface of the clay.

ABsorption describes the sponge-like effect where toxins are also drawn inside the clay particle.

A clay that both adsorbs and absorbs will remove the most toxins. Most products labeled bentonite clay will adsorb, but not absorb. There is only one group of clay capable of both adsorption and absorption. This is the montmorillonite smetic group, although there are differences in the montmorillonite clays. With the combination of tiny, tiny particle sizes and the adsorption/absorption capabilities, the structure of Red Desert Clay is powerful for picking up many more of the positively charged toxic particles we want to eliminate from our cells.

If you’re interested in trying Red Desert Clay, it is important to note it is quite effective at removing toxins and can bind to some medications. If you are taking medications, ask your pharmacist or doctor if you feel there might be contradictions. The book entitled THE CLAY CURE suggests taking medications 2 to 3 hours away from eating clay. However, for example, if one is taking time release meds then hypothetically the clay could contradict.

Over the years I have become biased about my clay choice, but it stems from my desire to help those like myself who want to use clay for internal detoxification, daily maintenance and for assisting in bone strength. Whether you try it as a face mask or for detoxification and other health benefits, Red Desert Clay can be an amazing addition to your wellness routine! For more information or to order Red Desert Clay, click here.

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