A Science Fair Project That ROCKS!

A Science Fair Project That ROCKS!

Here at Eat Cleaner, we have a special heart for kids and have a

great idea for a Science Fair Project.


The best part is, we’ll supply the eatFresh-FC sample they’ll need, FREE.eat_cleaner_commercial

The project is simple yet effective, and the objective is to show how everyone can prevent the oxidation or browning of cut produce simply by soaking it in the eatFresh-FC solution, an organic anti-oxidant blend of ingredients that naturally preserves color, texture and flavor. This can help significantly cut down on food waste and encourage everyone to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables!

All you have to do is:

  • Download the attachment science-fair-1 science experiment overview

  • Send us an email to: info@eatcleaner.com and in the subject heading, write: SCIENCE FAIR SAMPLE REQUEST. In the body of the email, include:

    • Your age

    • Your school name

    • Your grade

    • Your mailing address

  • We’ll send you a confirmation and a downloadable ‘analysis’ report to help you with your documentation and tracking.

Now let’s make science happen! JUST CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED! science-fair-1


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