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One of the proudest moments in my career has been being asked to contribute to The Daniel Plan, the NY Times bestseller by Rick Warren, Daniel Amen and Mark Hyman. After proving success with thousands of clients following my meal plans, I was given the opportunity to design the meal plan and Detox meal plan for the book. To be in the company of such incredible greatness is humbling and absolutely a thrill.

I had the chance to mentor a small group of Daniel Plan followers prior to the book release, and got to see with my own eyes how powerful the approach could be. As if that weren’t amazing in and of itself, I started hearing about transformation stories of people doing the Daniel Plan after reading the book. These literally bring tears to my eyes. Here’s an example of one:

A letter from Loretta in Ohio

“…I finished Week 1 of the detox plan and lost 8 pounds as well as several inches. The excruciating pain I had in my right hand for the past few weeks was totally gone and I had full use of my hand. The awful bloat was gone (probably from gluten). Continual sinus problems – gone (probably from dairy). Joint pain/stiffness gone. My hands don’t go numb any more. ”Brain fog” was gone. Blood pressure was down. I had more energy…continually feeling tired and fatigued was gone. Sleeping so much better. Feeling much better. So thankful that I found out about this plan. It’s more than a diet. The sections on Faith, Focus, and Friends really have made an impact on me and put the whole package together.

At the end of week 2…all of the symptoms that cleared up were still cleared up…so thankful. A nice level of energy. Lost 11 pounds in 14 days. I’m happy with that. Inches seem to be falling off of my abdomen area…that’s a good thing! One of the things I love about this plan is that there are no cravings or hunger (since Day 1!) and that helps me to make better choices. I have even gone out to eat 6 times during the detox plan and was able to find menu items or change them slightly to fit the plan…and still lost weight!

By week 4, I was no longer on blood pressure medication. At the end of week 5, I have lost 19 pounds! I have also lost 4 inches off of my waist. Yesterday I shoveled and moved snow around for about 2 hours! I could never have done that a month ago. Wow! Sunday afternoons, I would spend sleeping on my mom’s couch after lunch…no more! I am not fatigued…great energy level. So thankful for the amazing changes I have seen in such a short period of time. I have a long way to go as far as weight loss goes…but this is the plan for me. I also have changes coming in the other areas mentioned in the book.

Prayer, focus, controlling my thought life and the Word have played such a huge part in my success thus far. And I have embraced that there is no failure…but just to learn and reflect on situations. Oh…and not to mention the support of my wonderful mother…who, by the way has lost 8 pounds! She only has 3 pounds to go to reach her goal! She really loves the Grapefruit and Pomegranate Seed with Coconut Salad. I have probably eaten out at 12 different restaurants over the 5 weeks…but made choices that fit the plan…and still lost weight. It feels great to know that I don’t have to dread going out to eat. I can make healthy choices and enjoy the company. Relief!…”

Wow! How does one not get choked up about that?!

I want to emphasize, there’s no silver bullet for great health, but there is substance to a balanced approach. That’s what you’ll find in The Daniel Plan. No fads or gimmicks, just real food, fitness, faith, friends and focus.

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