EMeals - My New Favorite Meal Plan

Never Worry About What To Have For Dinner AGAIN!

I get to see tons of new products, but this one has a special place in my heart. eMeals is not only a great product and a great company, but it’s a service run by fantastic people who really care.

$5 A Month Can Save Your Sanity!

Most of us are busy and we need our dinners to be simple, affordable, and family friendly. There is a hands on team doing just that for you each week. Not only do they prepare simple and affordable recipes for you, but every week, their network of moms and dads from around the country prepares shopping lists based on those meal plans for many of your local grocery stores so you can get the best sales and deals possible saving you time & money!


One of the reasons I love their company and product so much is that they started small with just two moms,Jane DeLaney and Jenny Cochran, who loved to cook and wanted to make it easier for other moms. It was a bootstrap effort that grew by word of mouth. Just like the best home cooking, they built everything from scratch, without any big investors or even technological experience. They took their company from an idea to being the largest online meal plan service in the country because it works. These are moms trying to help other moms, and that care and dedication shows in their plans. It has taken them 10 years of hard work consistently improving their system to get to where they are today. When I asked them how they did it, they said by building slowly and surely, and by partnering with good people. They are true believers, they use their own meals plans, and they have sold hundreds of thousands of subscriptions because they really work. They also have nearly every kind of meal plan you can imagine, including Paleo, Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Clean Eating meal plans. Their plans are so great that my Cleaner Plate Club Meal Prep Program is now powered by eMeals! Good people and good food. These ladies have proven the American Dream is still alive and it is delicious!

Try an eMeals meal plan today and save your sanity!

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