EP 99 - Fittest ever at 53 - Why I did my first NPC bikini competition at this age

EP 99 - Fittest ever at 53 - Why I did my first NPC bikini competition at this age

This is episode 99. That means that I've had a lot of really amazing people that I've interviewed and a lot of my own things to share about health and wellness, and this episode is very personal to me because I explain why I decided to enter an NPC bikini contest. I'll share more about what I went through to achieve this, but I want you to hear my story as there are a lot of things that you might not know about competition at age 53.

 “It is never too late for this -  whether you've been injured or you've been knocked down in life or you have had something that you didn't feel like you could ever get through, you CAN overcome.’’

-Mareya Ibrahim

I'm never going to let chronological age be a deterrent for, for what I wanna do. And I wanna show you that you don't have to accept that either.’’

-Mareya Ibrahim


0:00 Episode 99 & Intro - Fit and Fab over 40

06:41 Discover the food on your plate and reflect the light

12:19 Getting the mojo back

13:52 It’s never too late

16:19 Days when you don’t feel like working out


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