EP 100 - Flexing with White House Chef Andre Rush

EP 100 - Flexing with White House Chef Andre Rush

It's episode 100. How exciting is this, man? It's been a journey over the last couple of years to get here. But I am so thrilled that we made it, and along the way, I've gotten the chance to interview so many incredible people, people with a true interest in Whole Health. I got to interview my good friend, Chef Andre Rush who’s a White House Chef. We're gonna hear about that and we're just gonna talk and dish about what it has taken to get to this point and what it means to be resilient. Let's listen

 “That’s what we do in our food. We put a love language in it no matter what. It has a memory to it where you say, no matter how pretty it looks, but you know the person behind it, they put the time, the love and emotion"

-Chef Andre

“If you say something for long enough, or you get enough people to say it, they'll follow you. And that's what people do. Follow."

-Chef Andre


0:29 Chef Andre’s path to becoming a chef

2:13 Did Chef Andre ever think about becoming a professional athlete

5:44 Favorite thing to cook in the military

7:08 ‘’How I got into the White House’’

12:58 ‘’I’ve been attacked a million times’’

15:00 Why did Chef Andre wrote the book ‘Call me Chef Dammit’ and what will people learn

18:25 The importance of health through various stages of life

20:05 Chef Andre’s meal adventures

22:26 Three shows that are coming up

25:21 Is Chef Andre’s family thinking about the health the way he does

27:13 Chef Andre’s eating habits

29:01 Are eating habits as important as fitness

31:53 The ‘One Last Meal’ question


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