Roasted Chicken Recipe: Med-Mex Taquitos

Roasted Chicken Recipe: Med-Mex Taquitos

Hey, hey, everybody, what’s up? Little tacos! Now, my son is a Mexican food fanatic. So, we’re gonna make a Med-Mex variety of our taquitos today. Are you ready to cook? We have some roast chicken that we already cooked off, and we’re gonna shred that.

Here’s my Mediterranean side coming out. We have some light feta. This is made with a reduced-fat milk. We’re also gonna add some garlic powder, a little smoked sea salt, a little bit of white pepper, and I have some fresh cilantro. So I have two tablespoons of fresh cilantro. I’ve got just our chicken breast here and I’m gonna take it and shred it. I already have some in a bowl from the last round of taquitos that I made. After this, we’re gonna make a yogurt, a Greek yogurt, and lime dipping sauce for our taquitos. Again, I’m infusing my Mediterranean flavors in there with the Greek yogurt, and we’re substituting sour cream for that because Greek yogurt is nice and high in protein.

One good size chicken breast, is gonna make about 10 taquitos for us. A little bit goes a long way. And then I’m gonna add in about three tablespoons of the feta. You could substitute like a cotija cheese if you like to go Mexican all the way, but for a little Mediterranean flair, we’re gonna do the feta. I’m just eyeballing it, but it’s about three tablespoons. And you kinda have to get your hands in there, it’s your own kitchen that you’re doing it in, so it’s all good.

You want to just get those nice and mixed up. You can add a little hot sauce in at this point, or a little prepared taco sauce if you like. I’m gonna add in just a little bit of mild taco sauce, a little bit of garlic powder, a dash of white pepper, and here’s where you can just get creative, okay? You can do smoked paprika. You can do cumin, you can do … what else? A little coriander. Any seasoning spice that you like, you can have some creative fun here.

You’re gonna take your corn tortilla. If you can get organic corn tortillas, preferable. These are for all my gluten-free friends. You can also use a sprouted grain tortilla if you like. And you’re gonna take each side and you’re gonna mist it. You can use an olive oil spray, for example. Any kind of clean, nonstick cooking spray, okay? So, you’re gonna take your tortilla, and just about a tablespoon. And you’re gonna kind of push it into your tortilla. And the key to this, with taquitos, is not to overfill, you know … like, you know if you were to roll a cigar for example. I don’t know if many of you guys roll cigars. I don’t, but I figure that’s the cleanest analogy I could think of.

You’re gonna kinda of push your filling into your taquito in the first third, and then you’re gonna pull the edge up, and as you roll, just kind of gently push down so it’s nice and tight.

Hey, I’ve got the tequila right here, we could whip some up. Okay, so that’s one. Let’s do a couple more, for good measure. You can put your sil pad on there so you don’t have to use any spray. And just like so. And when you put them in the oven, you’re gonna kind of tuck them in together so that they support each other and they don’t unroll.Med Mex Taquitos
And then, that is what the finished dish looks like, when they’re all nice and baked. Nice and crunchy, because we’re spraying these with the olive oil spray, so you get a nice crunch when you bite into those.Med-Mex Taquitos Eat Cleaner

For the sauce, here is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna mix … so you’re going to basically just be mixing your Greek yogurt, and adding in your lime. Now, I’m just using organic non-fat Greek yogurt. Any brand that you like will do. And like I said, if you want to make this a little bit spicier, you can. You can add in some hot sauce even into here, which, that’s what I do. Fuego Boxleft me with all kinds of fun hot sauces. And if you love hot sauce, that’s a hot sauce of the month club. That would be a fun club to be a part of, I would think. View More:

I’m gonna use about half a cup of yogurt. You just want to take your spoon, mix it really nice. Like so. You don’t need to pull out your food processor or anything. And then I’m gonna take my lime, and you know I gotta clean the outside of it. Because, if you don’t clean the outside, and then you cut into it, you’re gonna transfer all of the nasties. That’s a real word. All of the nasties, into the middle. Okay, so I’m gonna use half a lime because I like it super super limey, and I’m gonna mix that, and then I’m gonna add a little bit of avocado, because come on you guys. You know me by now.

It’s avocado, all the time. We love our avocado, don’t we?




And I’m gonna take my avocado, and … I know. I shouldn’t be doing this in front of everybody, but this is how I cut it. Just be careful if you’re doing it in your hand. Prefer you do it on a cutting board. Okay? Grid pattern, cross hatch.

Into our mix.

Everything is better with avocados. Agreed. Now we’re gonna finish our sauce with a little bit of pepper … white pepper, just a dash. And then a little bit of pink salt.

You’re gonna pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees,

And you’re gonna bake these for about 15 to 20 minutes, until they get nice and golden.

And we take both sauces on top and then you can take a little bit of hot sauce.

That’s my bite. You can make your own.

Mmmm. Mmmm. Muy bueno. Very good. I like the heat, so that’s me.

So, try our crispy, but crisped in the oven, Med-Mex Taquitos.Roasted Chicken Recipe Med Mex Taquitos Eat cleaner


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