Peanut Curry Grilled Sea Bass with Fresh Asparagus

Peanut Curry Grilled Sea Bass with Fresh Asparagus

What’s In Season?

Every Wednesday, we will be announcing a new, seasonal fruit or vegetable for “What’s In Season Wednesday?”

This week, Asparagus! Enjoy the most tender and flavorful portion of this popular vegetable without prep time or waste! These succulent tips can be served raw, steamed lightly, sautéed or even pickled. They add a touch of elegance and a unique asparagus taste to almost any dish from omelets to stir fry to grilled fish. Uncooked, tips bring a tasty crunch to both green leaf and cold bean salads.

Choose tips that are firm, clean with no slime or visible deterioration. Don’t forget to pre-wash your asparagus with Eat Cleaner Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Always refer to Melissa’s Produce for the freshest produce in season, shipped right to your door!


2 tablespoons peanut butter powder
1 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
1 Tbsp. low sodium soy sauce
1 clove garlic, chopped
1/3 tsp. curry powder
1 dash ground cayenne pepper
16 oz. fresh wild sea bass or your favorite wild caught white fish
1 bunch fresh asparagus, washed with Eat Cleaner

Recipe Instructions:
1. In a bowl, mix the peanut butter powder, lime juice, soy sauce, garlic, curry powder, and cayenne pepper.

2. Preheat grill or skillet on medium high heat.

3. Spray non-stick cooking spray on the grill grate or skillet. Grill 5 minutes on each side or until fish is cooked through; repeat with asparagus

4. Top with peanut sauce and serve.


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