EP 79 - The World Peace Prescription - 6 Mood Boosting Foods for Happier Humans

EP 79 - The World Peace Prescription - 6 Mood Boosting Foods for Happier Humans

EP 79 - The World Peace Prescription - 6 Mood-Boosting Foods for Happier Humans


Feeling moody lately? Let’s fix this. It’s National Nutrition Month and I would like to share with you 6 mood-boosting food categories that should find a place on your plate and in your gut. Our goal is to feel happier and stress-free every single day, so discover the light and reflect. Time for spring cleaning and cleansing your body, because if you haven’t felt like yourself lately, this episode is for you. Tune in and let’s boost ya up for real.

1:11 Spring is here – National Nutrition Month

1:44 Discover the food on your plate and reflect the light

4:01 #1 – Fiber-rich foods

6:36 #2 – Plant fat-rich foods – the humble nut and seeds

8:29 #3 – Antioxidant-rich foods – let those lemons make you pucker

11:09 #4 – Probiotic-rich foods – yeah, your gut will know

13:57 #5 – Omega 3-rich foods- something smells fishy

15:41 #6 – Protein-rich foods- you need it more than you think

18:15 We need that food because our moods depend on it

19:57 Boost anything in your body – join the program

The World Peace Prescription: 6 Mood Boosting Foods for Happier Humans

If you’ve found yourself struggling with keeping a positive mindset lately, you are not alone. According to renowned brain health Dr. Daniel Amen, all of us are being traumatized in some way. The human brain is wired to remember traumatic experiences, and in some people, this biological reality may lead to PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

I have learned that while you can’t control what happens in life, you can control how you react and for us, that means reaching into our medicine cabinet. Not the one you may be thinking of, exactly. I’m referring to your kitchen – your pantry and your refrigerator – because they can hold the answer to your overall well-being. The benefits of a nutrient-rich approach to eating are enormous and the beautiful part is, they’re delicious, too. I’ll dive into the 6 core categories of foods to fill your plate, and how they can contribute to the whole, beautiful being that is you. When you take care of yourself, you take care of everyone around you.

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