Eating Clean on a Budget

Eating Clean on a Budget

Today I want to share with you some of my top tips for eating clean on a budget.

I mean who has unlimited resources like a whole paycheck to go and shop. I don’t know that many people who do, maybe you do, but if you’re like 99.9% of the population, including myself, we’re watching how much we spend.

It’s important to know what to buy.

Having a game plan, just like you run your business, you run your schedule, you got to have a game plan for shopping. If you’re like me before, I would go up and down the aisles searching for things, and ending up throwing stuff into my basket that I didn’t need. Right? Can I get an Amen on that? If you’re one of those people, I want to hear from you.

I would end up blowing my budget every single week. When I came up with the plan, and a really good strategy for what to buy, the game changed. When people say to me, the number one thing when I do classes or when I’m interacting with people, the number one thing they say to me is,

“But Mareya, to eat clean, you got to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and clean food, and it’s expensive.”

It doesn’t have to be.

I am eating clean on a budget, let me show you what I bought today for less than 100 bucks. I’m going to show you the receipt because you might not believe me. This is actually my shopping. I want to share with you my kitchen and my grocery shop.

This is what it looks like, okay?

I’ve got so much stuff, holy cow. I don’t even have enough room on my big work table to even show you everything that I bought.

I’ve got tahini, and that’s not one week’s worth, that’s a year’s worth, girl, and boys. Seriously, that’s a lot of tahini.



I’ve got apples, I’ve got oranges, I’ve got bananas. I’ve got cucumbers. I’ve got snacks for my kids. We don’t buy a lot of packaged food, but we do have a few items, they’re all natural. Make sure there’s no preservatives, chemicals or additives in there. I’ve got some coconut cream. Those little yellow tomatoes are so delish. I’ve got some asparagus. I’ve got fresh dill. I have cabbage. I have two bunches of radish. Yummy, so good for you. I have six little mini avocados. I die for these things, because they’re the perfect portion size for one person. You don’t even have to worry about not using the whole thing.



I have some bell peppers. I have mushrooms. I have celery, I have fresh almonds, hello, beautiful. Have you ever seen fresh almonds before?

I have eggs, I have chicken. I have ground chicken. I have carrots. I have celery. I have my indulgence, okay? Every girl’s got to have one.

It’s called Califia Farms, and this cold brew coffee is the bomb dot com. I have unsweetened vanilla almond milk.



I have some whole grain pasta. I have soup mix. I have jasmine brown rice. I have organic edamame. I have cauliflower and kale and romaine. I have some natural turkey and cheese, and I have beans. I have some frozen pizza that’s natural.

I do have some frozen food, you guys, because sometimes you need it in a pinch. All natural, okay?



Then I have this bread that is life. It’s called Sangak bread. It’s baked fresh in the store that I shop at, and it’s just organic flour. It’s fermented, and it’s so delish, and it’s freshly made.



Here is why I am showing you all of this. Then take a look at this, okay? Where’s my receipt?

Heres the total.

Balance due, $96.85.

Do you believe me now? Okay. Here’s the dealio, here’s the 411. Okay? You can’t accomplish this shopping anywhere. We all live in different parts of the country. You’ve got to think about it as if you shop in the places where you can get the best deals, you can’t go wrong. It might not be at the store that everybody else shops at.

What I’m saying is you have to look in your area, and see,

“Where can I get the best deal?”

Sometimes it’s at a store that you don’t even expect. I always suggest looking at ethnic stores. The Middle Eastern store, maybe up the street, or the Hispanic grocer, a lot of times they have great deals on fresh produce, which should be half your plate. It should be half your grocery basket, logically.



What I want to share with you is…it’s a new year, you can make a new you, and…


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