How to Keep Your Food and Kitchen Clean – Mareya on KTLA 5 Morning News

Did you watch Chef Mareya Ibrahim, our CEO and Founder of Eat Cleaner, on KTLA 5 Morning News on Monday, September 24th???

Chef Mareya joined anchors Lu Parker and Glen Walker on the set of the KTLA morning news to discuss keeping your food and kitchen clean.  She shared tips and secrets to making it easy for you and your family. Watch the segment now!

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umami lemon chicken

Umami Lemon Chicken

I have an obsession with lemon.  it’s this incredible little fruit that comes with a big personality…bright, spunky and sure to put a pucker on your lips when it needs to.  It adds the perfect acidity to sweetness and balances out fat like a diplomat.  The smell of grated zest is enough to lift anyone…

Berry soup

Chilled Berry Soup

Spring is upon us, friends, and as the weather gets warmer, we’re always looking for ways to cool off and stay nourished.  Lately, I’ve been exploring more 5-minute recipes at our followers urging because the truth is, no one has time to spend hours and hours in the kitchen.  Although saving time is critical, there…