The Fit Foodie Swaps Popular Summer Dishes for Healthier Options – LIVE on ABC7 News

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Do you wish you can get leaner while still indulging in dishes like muffins, pasta, and dessert??? Chef Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie, shows us how to do just that on the recent segment on ABC7 Eyewitness News.

Food and Fitness Coach, Lori Corbin partners with “The Fit Foodie”, Mareya Ibrahim to demonstrate some tasty and healthy swaps to some summer favorites! 
Lori Corbin on ABC7

We all know that “failure to plan, is planning to fail”, and all is still true in the kitchen, that’s why Chef Mareya Ibrahim, “The Fit Foodie”, shows us how to quickly meal prep for success, by making egg muffins, pesto pasta, and dessert parfaits.
Quick and easy meal preparation is your key to success…grab a muffin pan and portion out your snacks for the week, or even chop up some leafy greens like spinach or kale and mix with a little olive oil to freeze in ice cube trays to always have on hand when you want to make a delicious dish in less than 15 minutes!
Meal Prep Mareya on ABC7
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Meal Prep on ABC7
You can check out the recipes to Chef Mareya’s

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