Start May in a BIG Way and Join Us For The First Live, Daily Cooking Show on Facebook!

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We have some exciting news to share with you!  We just launched the FIRST, LIVE, DAILY cooking show on Facebook, called “The Real Dish”

The Real Dish showcases quick, clean, affordable meals and leverages Facebook’s new live streaming capabilities. The purpose is to share that eating clean and healthy can be done easily, deliciously and affordably.

This is going to change how people interact with chefs and food entertainment forever.  For the first time, they can ask questions and have them answered in the spot, even cook along. There’s no smoke and mirrors, it’s 100% live and real!

Tropical Tenders and Mango Salsa LIVE on The Real Dish

Tropical Tenders and Mango Salsa LIVE on The Real Dish

Green Smoothie Challenge for Earth Day!

Green Smoothie Challenge for Earth Day!













Building from the success of other live streaming services like Periscope and Meerkat, the launch of Facebook Live is boosting engagement rates through this native video content. We’re on trend with this growth and have seen a huge spike in engagement since launching “The Real Dish” on Facebook Live. Eat Cleaner’s Facebook reach is up 56%, page views up 114%, and page likes up by a whopping 354%. From the statistics, the audience is mostly women between the ages of 34 – 44, with 73% watching on their mobile devices.  While other live streaming services are short-lived, Facebook’s live video feature saves the clip at the end, and can be viewed and shared over and over again.

The Real Dish is my daily interactive outlet to help families overcome their fear of cooking, by teaching them easy and delicious ways to prepare a meal in their own kitchen and to get the kids involved too.  I’ve received an overwhelming amount of engagement since launching The Real Dish show including messages, comments and testimonials from everyday Mom’s (and Dad’s) who are looking to eat healthier and more affordably.  Gone are the days of constantly eating out for dinner. Home is where the heart of cooking is!



The Real Dish is the first live daily cooking show on Facebook and is bringing the burgeoning home cooking trend to a whole new level – saving time, money and sanity.  Ensure notifications are switched on and check out “The Real Dish” daily on @EatCleaner’s Facebook fan page.

Check out The Real Dish Teaser Video and come join the party every day at 4:30pm PST.

Please click here to download the official press release.



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