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Hi, I’m Mareya otherwise known as The Fit Foodie. I’m the founder of, a patented inventor, chef, holistic nutritionist, author, fitness coach and mom – and I’ve spent over 26 years in the food industry.  I KNOW!  Thats like three lifetimes.  When I realized I had a whole lot to share on food, fitness and lifestyle, I thought I would share that with the world.

So welcome you to my podcast! It’s called Recipes for Your Best Life and with every episode, I’m dishing it out – the good, the bad and the unsettling.

I’d love for you to grab a seat at my table.


No fads. No fillers. Not diets. Because why would you want to do something that starts with DIE? Fill up on meaningful food for thought that help you eat to thrive for the long run with nutrition-forward books that will become your go-to for taking care of that hot bod of yours.