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Wonder eco-Wrap - Earth Friendly Cling Wrap

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  • Non-Plastic Food Safe Cling Wrap
  • BPA Free, Non-Toxic & Chemical Free
  • 100% Biodegradable 6 – 10 Months after disposal
  • Grips and Stretches better than plastic cling wrap
  • Over 100 Uses per box allows you to preserve meals for pennies each*
  • Better for You & the Environment
  • Microwave, Freezer & Fridge Safe


What is Wonder Wrap you ask? Wonder Wrap is a wonderful type of cling film food wrap that is biodegradable, non toxic and even microwave and fridge / freezer safe!


What’s the best part? Well, the best part is that it looks and works just like regular cling wrap, just without all the harmful plastics, toxins and chemicals and without the guilt of polluting the earth when you throw it away.


An average family in the United States goes through over 20 rolls of cling wrap each year. Combine that with the huge amount of plastic waste that also comes from other wasteful items in the kitchen and bathroom and your household can make a really negative impact on the environment each year. But, with Wonder Wrap, you can help reduce your plastic waste.


While Wonder Wrap is similar to normal plastic cling wrap, Wonder Wrap is actually stronger, stickier and more stretchy than normal plastic cling wrap. This means that you can cover more surface area with a better seal, to keep your food fresher for longer. Wonder Wrap actually ‘bonds’ or ‘sticks’ to more materials, meaning gone are the days of awkwardly laying a sheet of plastic over a bowl of food and hoping for the best. Wonder Wrap can also be used to cover food while being heated in the microwave or steamed. Wonder Wrap won’t leak any toxins or chemicals in normal use or even when heated.


But best of all, Wonder Wrap is biodegradable.  Being made from biodegradable plant material not only means it is non-toxic, BPA free and without all the nasties plastics usually have with them, but it also means Wonder Wrap will completely decompose within 6 – 10 months when composted or sent to landfill pile. Wonder Wrap is not only better for you but also better for the environment too! Our packaging is also 100% plastic free and biodegradable as well!


Each Roll Contains 30 Meters x 30cm or 98 Feet x 12 inches of Wonder Wrap

*Assumes average use at 8-10 inches of wrap
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