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Kikos Colombian Coffee

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Kikos Colombian Coffee is made with 100% Colombian Arabica coffee; this coffee is harvested and roasted in Colombia to guarantee its origin.
This is a delicious coffee with subtle notes of chocolate, fruit flavors, and a slight trace of spice; it has a medium body and balanced flavor.

Product Specifications
Ingredients: 100% Arabica whole beans
Origin: Caldas, Colombia
Tasting Notes: Medium Dark: subtle notes of chocolate, fruit flavors and, a slight trace of spice
Nutrition Facts: Caffeine: 95 mg in an average of a brewed 8 fluid oz.
Altitude: 1300-1828 M
Soil Type: Andosols
Process: Fully washed and sun-dried.
Weights & Measurements: Aprox 3.5 cups per Oz of coffee
Notes: Naturally caffeinated

Use 7-9 gm of coffee for every 100 ml of water/ 1-2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 fluid oz of water
Fill a single-serve Keurig reusable filter

Certification / Grading
MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)
LGBTBE® Certified
When you drink our coffee and Organic Tea you can feel good about supporting great people doing good things.
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