eatCleaner Co-Inventors Mareya Ibrahim and Dr. Shawki Ibrahim


Plant-based & all natural ingredients: citric acid, sea salt, vegetable glycerin, and plant-based surfactant & antioxidant.

Lab proven to remove up to 99.99% of unwanted residue & extend produce shelf life up to 5x longer

The only patented and comprehensive line of food wash, wipes and anti-browning products

Made in the USA by a minority woman-owned business

Solutions for at home and on-the-go

Tasteless & odorless on food and helps enhance the flavor of fresh fruits & vegetables

Our Story

In 2006, my father, a professor emeritus in Environmental Scientist, was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer. The part that really unnerved me was that his doctors told him to avoid raw foods, including vegetables and leafy greens. These are the very foods that help to build strength and immunity, but according to the CDC, there are 48 million reported cases of food borne illness in just the US annually - and the number one cause is those leafy greens.

As a chef and holistic nutrition coach, I knew the micronutrients, enzymes and probiotics from fresh produce was essential to his recovery. All I could think was, we need to make these foods safer.

After my father's recovery, we got to work. It was critical that the products pass the test of science and that they wouldn't leave a smell or aftertaste. In 2010, eatCleaner® was officially born and three years later, with the patent in hand, we began actively promoting our lab-proven products. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy cleaner, safer, longer-lasting fresh food – because everyone deserves to eat the foods intended for good health with peace of mind.

- Mareya Ibrahim, co-founder and CEO, eatCleaner

Eat Cleaner offers a wide variety of solutions for food safety and shelf life extension for consumers, retailers and food service operations.

USDA Biobased + OMRI Listed for use on organic produce + Non-GMO + Vegan + Gluten-Free + Made in the USA + Lab Proven + Patented

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