We are pleased to announce that eat Cleaner® Products will be available in these fine retail stores!

If you don’t have one of these stores close by, you can ALWAYS purchase right here on our eat Cleaner® shop page.

  1. Wendy Martinez

    Do you have a wholesale list for retailers? I have a store called Darby Harvest and would like to carry your products

    • eatcleaner

      Hi there Wendy! We absolutely do. Can you please email us at: orders@eatcleaner.com? We can send that to you right away. How did you find our about us? Thank you so much!

  2. Lutrecia Koffi

    Hi. I live about 18 miles out of San Francisco in Hayward. You mention that Albertsons stores carry your Eat Cleaner. In my immediate area, Albertsons have changed their name to Lucky stores. Are you saying they have continued to carry your products after the name change? Thanx, Lutrecia Koffi

    • eatcleaner

      Hi Lutrecia, We are not in Nor Cal Albertsons just yet, but if you request Eat Cleaner from your store, there is a good chance they will bring it in.

  3. sophie emond

    do you ship to Canada?

  4. Wells

    How do I know what stores the product is available in?

    • eatcleaner

      Hi there! We’re in Albertsons, Stater Bros, Vallarta, Northgate, Shnucks and other independent stores. You can get the full line at eatcleaner.com or amazon.com. THank you so much for reaching out!

  5. sema

    Do you ship to germany?

    • eatcleaner

      Yes we can! Please email us at : orders@eatcleaner.com and tell us which items from eatcleaner.com you’d like and we’ll process your order.

  6. Jana

    Do you ship to Europe, please?

    • eatcleaner

      Yes we do, please email your order to: orders@eatcleaner.com and we will process it manually.

  7. Nick

    Does Whole Foods Canada sell your product?

    • eatcleaner

      Not yet but hopefully soon!

  8. Laura Obondo

    Hi – I live in Canada and would love to use your product. Are you able to ship to Canada?

    • eatcleaner

      Absolutely! Please email us at info@eatcleaner.com for a shipping quote.

  9. Karen

    Hi do you ship to Australia – specifically Western Australia?

  10. Ana Carapina


    Can you please advise postage to Singapore.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Ana Carapina

  11. Nina

    Do you carry your products in Arizona

    • eatcleaner

      You should be able to find Eat Cleaner in Albertsons stores. If not, please request them!

  12. Mary


    • eatcleaner

      Hi Mary – We are not currently in Walmart but we would be happy if you recommended us to them if you’d like to see us in their store!

  13. Mary Kistler

    Not sure why you took my question off without answering me if Walmart sells your products in your stores. Unprofessional.

    • eatcleaner

      Hi Mary – We didn’t remove your question, we responded saying we are not currently in Walmart. Kind regards, Eat Cleaner Customer Service

  14. Evelyn

    I recently went to Northgate in Pico Rivera where I have purchased eatcleaner before..and to my surprise, they told me they don’t have it anymore.

  15. Emily

    Hi! Do you know if any stores on Oahu carry your products? Thanks!

  16. sameer J.

    Do you ship ti India or Mumbai

  17. Kammy

    I used to buy the eat cleaner spray from iherb but it was now discontinued. Do you ship to Hong Kong?

    • eatcleaner

      Hi there, iHerb will be bringing it back in the next month. In the meantime, we can ship internationally if you email us at info@eatcleaner.com. Thank you!

  18. Shilda Paulson

    Hi, do you have a dealer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    • eatcleaner

      We do not at this time.

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