Hydration Nation – How To Drink Your Way to Better Health

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Ahhh, water. You can live without food for weeks, but without water your system will shut down within a few days. Learn my tricks and tips for what to drink with food, without food and what to add to it to boost your metabolism and encourage you to drink more of the good stuff in the first episode of Recipes for Your Best Life in 2020.

  • The human body is more than 60% water
  • Blood is 92% water
  • The brain and muscles are 75% water
  • Bones are about 22% water
  • Every metabolic function your cells perform requires hydration. It’s that

In fact, being dehydrated can fool you into the sensation of feeling hungry. Keep your system from getting clogged up with lots of pure water and you’ll have fewer cravings. It’s also important for eliminating toxins and keeping your gorgeous skin glowing – your biggest organ.

Listen to the full episode of Recipes For Your Best Life and learn how hydration can impact your health for good.




** My favorite unfiltered apple cider vinegar
** My favorite matcha tea
** My favorite green tea bags   

** My favorite self-filtering water bottle
** My favorite stay-cold water bottle

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6 Foods to Help you Stay Hydrated


01:04 – Hydration – the most underrated aspect of health
02:12 – Hungry or thirsty? How our body


01:04 – Hydration – the most underrated aspect of health
02:12 – Hungry or thirsty? How our body tricks us!
03:25 – What is ‘enough’ water?
04:56 – How we forget to drink enough water
05:51 – How to make water not-so-boring
06:32 – How to keep water flavorful
07:09 – Unfiltered apple cider vinegar as an addition to water
08:06 – Benefits of apple cider vinegar
10:24 – Cold water or warm water. What’s better?
12:19 – Mareya’s take on juices and other drinks like energy drinks
14:41 – Ideal replacement for energy drinks
15:36 – Fake digestion-related marketing claims
15:58 – Green tea! Traditionally good addition to your every day

17:00 – Consider trying Macha tea!
17:35 – The 3 things that top the list for Americans, in 2020.
18:17 – The true significance of hydration


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