EP 65 Happy Hormones – Managing Menopause with Food & Lifestyle

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My motto is, you can pick your medicine cabinet – the one in your bathroom or the one in your kitchen.  The prescription will either come from your doctor or a dietician – it’s a choice.


It’s World Menopause Month and there’s some management needed to make this phase of life sane.  I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together so that I could give myself and others experiencing the same ‘chaos’ in their lives a little peace.  Here’s what I’m super clear on.  Your hormones don’t have to run like wild horses without the ability for you to bridle them. It’s not like that.  We’re not on the end of this leash! You can wrangle them in by filling up on foods that help balance blood sugar and hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone along with serotonin, cortisol and dopamine so you feel good more – no matter what age you are.

To download my Happy Hormones, Happy Life primer, click here or text FITFOODIE to 22828.

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