EP. 29 – Be the Brand: Beginning with your WHY – With Brand Strategy Expert Anna Vatuone

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In this episode, I’m really excited to dish with my new friend and personal brand strategist Anna Vatuone on how to bring your own brand to the world starting with what lights you up.  If you don’t have a clear vision of your purpose, your goals and your direction, it’s impossible to empower others to realize their best self.  And my friends, you know we’re gonna’ dish about how important nourishing your body is in this equation.  Garbage in = garbage out.
This has always been a critical part of my approach to reaching you, my invaluable audience because knowing what you’re wanting to hear, see and experience is critical for me – we are so much more than a product! Tune in and grab some critical ingredients for your personal dish and make sure to watch my first interview with Anna on Facebook 

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We’re so much more drawn to people when they’re open to us, when they’re honest and share what’s going on in their life. ‘

Anna Vatuone, Personal Brand Strategist

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2:40 – What does a personal brand strategist mean and do

4:50 – How has marketing changed – who do we trust, companies or people

6:24 – Why are we so much more drawn to people when they’re open with us

7:08 – How courageous vulnerability is?

9:03 – How Anna starts work with prospective client(s)

10:50 – Are ‘usual’ people afraid of future, or are they visionaries?

13:23 – Mareya’s observations on product placement, based on her personal experience

17:47 – What does a normal day of self-care look like for Anna?

22:04 – What impact does prioritizing healthy meal make

25:01 – Personal branding  ‘offline’

27:08 – Where you can find more about Anna


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