Ep. 28 – How to Be a Brain Warrior and Why Your Health Depends on It with Tana Amen

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‘Be aware. Prepared. And avoid the fight!’
-Tana Amen, Executive Vice President of Amen Clinics

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Mareya Ibrahim
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Link to Tana Amen’s “Brain Warrior’s Way” book series
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Healthy Scan Vs Alzheimer’s
Healthy Scan Vs Drug Addiction
Healthy Scan Vs Depressed/Anxious



0:58               Do you know who is Tana Amen?

2:23               Brain Warrior’s Way and good brain health

4:38               Behavior study and diagnoses

5:27               What happens when you have a brain scan?

10:00            Nutrition and its role in the treatments

12:50            Be prepared, be educated

13:29            The best food plan – vegetables

14:03            The missing piece – that one nutrient (or many)

21:40            Big Ahaa’s (the shocking truth- gut health)

23:33            The connection between mental health and your food

25:03            One tip, that one thing to improve your well-being

31:16            Pick your way and make your choice

33:29            Mastery program

34:39            Feed your brain with the best and transform

36:39            Reset your tastebuds

37:11            Read the label before you eat it


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