Ep. 26 – How To Handle Your Hormones At Every Life Stage with Jeannette Bessinger

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In this episode of Recipes For Your Best Life, Mareya dives into the deep end with holistic health coach and author, Jeannette Bessinger, dishing on hormones and how to handle them at various life stages, especially as we approach our 40’s and beyond.  No matter your age, you’ll want to listen in to learn invaluable tips on how to identify symptoms and manage them through lifestyle choices with food as your foundation – so that you feel your best and THRIVE.

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‘You know you are sensitive to carbs, when you can’t stop eating them!’

Jeannette Bessinger, The Clean Food Coach

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2:19           #1  Meet Jeannette Bessinger

4:57           #2  The MeBoot program and hormones

10:44         #3  Controlling the changes in your life

12:39         #4  What MeBoot does and how to get started

16:50         #5  Kickstarter foods?

19:54          #6 Should people cut out carbs from their diet?

22:51          #7  How to handle your hormones?

28:05          #8  CBD oil and the effects


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