EatCleaner Successfully Launched In Japan under EatClean.

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Eatcleaner is expanding globally

After noticing a spark of interest through market research we can officially and proudly announce that our fruit and vegetable wash is now available o purchase through In Japan!

We know, it took us a while to get used to envisioning our product under a completely different design. The bottle looks completely different from what we all are used to seeing but it is still the same great product. The bottle is redesigned to fit the market in Japan. The reason why It Is launched under eat clean Is that the letter R is not needed since it is not pronounced and spelled out.

For now, the picture on the right Is the only product available for purchase on Amazon In Japan, as we keep growing sales and generate more Intrest down the road, our goal Is to Introduce more of our products In addition to the spray wash.

Here in the US we are still known as eatCleaner®. And we are offering our full line of patented, lab-proven, and organic products for home and foodservice use, including produce washes, wipes, and anti-browning products for cut produce, including avocados, apples, melons, and berries.

For more information on eatCleaner® food safety and freshness solutions, lab tests, and specs, please contact eatCleaner at


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