Cooking with Strawberries

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Hey guys, what’s going on? How much do you guys love strawberries? I’m telling you I don’t know what life would be like without strawberries.


Here’s THREE REALLY QUICK recipes with strawberries. Cooking with strawberries has never been easier and more delicious!!!




The first thing were going to make is a STRAWBERRY FIZZ.

It’s like a beautiful, refreshing very light, delicious drink, and I’m going to take four strawberries, so that’s one, and if you’re wondering what this is, this is the little de-stemmer that I love. It’s like, I don’t have a lot of funky tools but this is one that I like because it takes the stem right out and then you don’t lose any of the precious strawberry. I’ve got four strawberries that I’m adding and I’m going to add half or maybe a full, we’ll see, of some sparkling water that is grapefruit flavored. There is no sugar added in this, which is good, so we’re going to do about most of the can, and this is just a 12 oz can, and if you’re going to use sparkling water, just please buy the kind that doesn’t have any sugar added or anything artificial. That’s worse.

Four pretty strawberries, not the conjoined ones yet, and then half a lemon. We’re going to squeeze that right in. Just put your hands up so you can grab the seeds. Those four ingredients, y’all, so so good. So so good. Now if you want to get really cray cray, you can do this. We can boost the flavor a little bit, so you could do the water drops from SweetLeaf Stevia. I love these because they just make your water more fun. We have, let’s see, this is the lemon-lime and this is the peach. I think strawberry peach would be really good. What do you guys think? Strawberry peach? Let’s do it. Let’s just add four drops, because a little bit goes a really long way.

Hold on. Blend it up. Oh yeah. While that goes I’m going to get a straw and that’s enough to make two good size drinks. It’s nice and foamy because of the ice. It’s like strawberry ice, yum. We only added four strawberries so there’s not a lot of sugar in here.


Pretty and refreshing, it’s got the sparkling water. It’s got the fresh strawberry, and it’s fun to drink, and that little bit of peach in the SweetLeaf Stevia drops, really good. That’s better than a cocktail any day, right? Unless you want to throw a little something in there. I’m just saying.


I simply love the combination of strawberries and spinach. You notice the theme here? Strawberries, spinach, so good, like s-s-so, so so good. We’re going to do strawberries and spinach and we’re going to add some blanched almonds and I’m going to give them a little heat. I’m going to actually toast them and I’m going to show you how to do that and by doing that it’s just going to transform the flavor and bring out a whole layer of nuttiness.

I have some asparagus. It’s been sitting in my refrigerator. I’ve had this for a week and a half too. It hasn’t gone bad because I washed it with the Eat Cleaner Fruit & Vegetable Wash. You know what I’m saying? It works, y’all. It works. My spinach is ready to go and I’ve got some little grape tomatoes to go with those too and I’ve got those sitting in a little bit of balsamic vinegar, so all we’re going to do is basically combine. I’m going to get everything chopped up and I’m going to blanch my almonds.

The almonds are all ready! They smell so good. We’re just going to give them a little bit of a toast in a pan. Now here’s the beautiful thing about blanched almonds is you don’t need to add any oil to the pan at all. In fact if you add oil it’s not going to work, because that won’t be dry roasting at that point, it’ll just be frying.

I’ve got the almonds right here and we’re going to blanch those. I’m digging this oil right now. It’s the algae oil and I’m going to add two tablespoons and I’m going to add a little bit of the pomegranate balsamic vinegar glaze. We’re going to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and there’s some natural sweetness, little bit of lemon, about a teaspoon, so there’s our vinaigrette, and then a little bit of sea salt and a hit of black pepper. Let’s taste it … Perfecto.

I’ve got my washed spinach. It’s going into the mix, right in the bowl. The same exact bowl that we used to make our vinaigrette. See how that works? Then you don’t have to dirty up another bowl. Just like that. You’re going to mix it around, coat it nicely. We want our spinach to be coated. My greens are dressed. Very nice. Those are going into the pretty bowl. When your greens are dressed and then you basically toss it with everything else, it just comes together that mch easier, so that is out foundation right there.

Now I’ve got my … Don’t forget to move your almonds around. You’re going to basically shake them in the pan, get them toasted, move them about, and now it’s time for strawberries.┬áNever, ever throw away strawberries again if you wash them properly.

My nuts are almost done. I just said “my nuts.” I’m like a ten-year-old adolescent. “My nuts. My nuts are almost toasted. Be careful you don’t burn your nuts.” Then we’ve got some tomatoes, little grape tomatoes, and those are already dressed, so they’re dressed and ready to party.

Just a couple pieces, couple two tree of my asparagus. Chop it up nice nice. Oh, yes. The fragrant smell of my nuts are emanating. The warm nuts with everything else really works, you guys. It really does, just like so. Pretty, pretty, pretty, and there is our beautimous strawberry salad. I’m going to hit it with just a little bit of pepper on the top. Pretty.

Okay, so we’ve made two, now the third recipe, CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES.

I’ve already gotten started because what you have to do is you have to heat the chocolate up and then you got to let it cool a little bit before you dip your strawberries or you will have some seriously, how shall I say, soggy strawberries. Now I’ve got a little bit of low sugar granola that is strawberry flavored. Is this going to stick for me? It’s not because my strawberries have already dried. Okay, you know what? We’re going to go without, but that’s okay. If you want you can dip these in a little bit of the granola or some nuts, more nuts, but that is how it looks.

It’s basically just dark chocolate, and a little bit of dark chocolate is good for you, you guys. Dipped strawberries are not just for Valentines’ Day and they’re not just for anniversaries. They’re forever and forever my favorite thing that I enjoy any time, so enjoy it and love the gifts that we have in nature, because you guys, this is like nature’s candy. It’s got a little chocolate so it’s a little bit more candy-ish, but that’s nature’s candy, the strawberry.

Have some fun. Chocolate, put them in a salad like so, or make a slushy. This is the drink, you guys. This is what you need to make at your next party. You want to throw a little vodka in there, I won’t say anything. All right. Peace, adios, and Strawberry fields forever.

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