What's In Season Wednesday? Kiwi - Banana Kiwi Crumble

What's In Season Wednesday?  Kiwi - Banana Kiwi Crumble

What’s In Season Wednesday?


Baby Kiwis, cousins of the Kiwi Fruit, are luscious berries with smooth skin, delicate seeds and are similar in size to the grape. They are high in nutritional value and make excellent snacks.

Baby Kiwis’ beautiful green skin lacks the undesirable fuzz found on the larger, well-known variety. They are just as delicious and refreshing as well. Baby Kiwis are handpicked and immediately hand-packed with care.

Eat Baby Kiwis whole right out of the hand or create delightful snacks and hors d’oervres for any occasion.

Enjoy right out of the hand as a quick snack or serve chopped in fruit salads, or use as cereal and pancake toppings.

Baby Kiwis have a very short season and are in limited supply. Always refer to Melissa’s Produce for the best and freshest produce around, shipped right to your door!

You can use Baby Kiwi or traditional Kiwi fruit in my Banana Kiwi Crumble!


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