Save Time, Save Money, and Eat Well with Melissa's Produce

Save Time, Save Money, and Eat Well with Melissa's Produce

The holidays are upon us and we all know what that means…food and feasts will be in abundance over the next couple of months. Want to get a healthy, organic dinner on the table each night but out of time to shop, running low on inspiration, or don’t want to venture to the grocery stores?? Then Melissa’s Produce is for you!!

Save time, save money, and eat well with Melissa’s Organic Produce. Not only can you enjoy the freshest, tastiest, highest quality, 100% organic fruits and vegetables with Melissa’s Produce Boxes, but you can also protect yourself and your family by eliminating a trip to the grocery store and having your fresh produce delivered straight to your doorstep.

Here’s just SOME of the many options that Melissa’s Produce has to offer and some my absolute FAVORITES!

Organic Family Box

Bursting with the freshest tasting organic fruits and vegetables ever, this family box will help you and your loved ones get your five servings a day in!!

Organic Mixed Vegetable & Fruit 50/50 Box

These fruits and veggies are amazing for snacking, cooking with, or even makes thoughtful gifts for busy family members. This awesome box is just what it’s named, 50% delicious, fresh fruit and 50% beautiful fresh vegetables.

Organic Mixed Vegetable & Fruit 70/30 Box

This beautiful box is 7-11 pounds of the highest quality, seasonal, and 100% organic vegetables and fruits and is absolute PERFECTION for hosting a small gathering to a family holiday! This box has 70% vegetables and 30% fruit.

Are you a juicer?? Then you’re gonna have to try the Organic Green Juice Box!

Did you know that green juicing helps cleanse your digestive system along with your lungs, liver and reproductive organs? AND did you know that juicing vegetables helps vitamins, minerals and enzymes immediately absorb into your bloodstream??

The Melissa’s Green Juice box helps make JUICING EASY PEASY! It includes 7-11 POUNDS of fresh leafy green vegetables that are nutrient-rich and absolutely PERFECT for juicing, plus a little something extra in each box to make your juices more delicious than ever.

Melissa’s Produce is seriously the BEST! It is my goal in life to help people eat cleaner everyday, which is why I am sharing my love for Melissa’s with you!


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