Mindful Mamas - As seen on Fox 5 San Diego

Mindful Mamas - As seen on Fox 5 San Diego


To all of our busy mamas out there…. Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Do you feel exhausted and stressed? Do you have way too much to do and feel like there is not enough time to do it? If this is you, then you gotta check out part two of our 10-Day Mommy Reset Program, which was featured again on Fox 5 San Diego yesterday, as we show you how to Become a Mindful Mama.

Lisa Druxman, Founder and Creator of Fit4mom and Mareya Ibrahim, Founder and Creator of Eat Cleaner developed the program and are helping women – MOMS, just like you – with an easy-to-follow, 10-day video and newsletter program designed to help you refocus, re-energize, and redefine the areas that are weighing you down.

10-Day Mommy Reset

The 10-Day Mommy Reset Program will help you create a personalized plan to help you thrive in your life.

  • Regain Focus
  • Declutter Your Life
  • Clean Up Your Food
  • Prep Ahead
  • Get Fitness Savvy
  • Become a Mindful Mama
  • Put Habits into Practice

Things you can do to become a mindful mama include:

  • Find something that makes you feel good at all times, whether it be a nice houseplant, aromatherapy candle or mist, music, etc.
  • Prepare foods for your family the night before, such as overnight oats. You can do this with the pre-measured mason jars from Veggies Don’t Bite.

Fox 5 News San Diego - Veggies Don't Bite

  • Being mindful in your food means focusing on ingredients that are high fiber, high antioxidant and low in saturated fat. These will help with energy, mental clarity, creativity and make you feel motivated and focused. That’s why making overnight oats is a LIFESAVER for morning. Everyone can customize it and make it their own and everything is ready when you wake up because it makes itself. Plus, there’s no pots and pans, dirty dishes or greasing up the place. For mine, I used gluten-free old fashioned oats, fresh blueberries, chia seed, unsweetened almond milk, a spoon of slivered almonds, 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon of stevia. You can also do dried cranberries, dried blueberries and other fruit variations. We’ve included some great recipes here from the Veggies Don’t Bite dessert series overnight oats.
  • Who needs alcohol when you can enjoy a healthy and delicious “Mindful Mama Mocktail” that’ll pick you up without the buzz and keep you focused. This drink is 1/2 cup of brewed, unsweetened white tea, two tablespoons unsweetened cherry juice, a teaspoon of Limitless Baobab, which was in my 2015 Top 8 Clean Eating Trends report for its amazing antioxidant properties, half a lemon, squeezed, 1/2 teaspoon stevia and a few drops of SweetLeaf Stevia Strawberry Kiwi flavor. Shake it up in a martini shaker with a lot of ice so it’s super cold, pour it into a martini or champagne glass and add a twist of lemon. Sooooo yummy and refreshing. Cheers to you, girlfriend!

Fox 5 News San Diego - Sweet Leaf Stevia

  • Grab a few girlfriends, hit the Reset button and sign up today for the Mommy Reset Program right now…while it’s still Free!


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