How to Quick Cure Salmon (Gravlax)

How to Quick Cure Salmon (Gravlax)

We’ve got LOX in the house!

There’s a difference between smoked and cured (gravlax) salmon and for me, the cured is where it’s at. Now most recipes want you to use gobs of white sugar, but here’s an easy way to do it without the white stuff. .

Here’s how you can save money and make your own, delish Quick Cured Gravlax.





? eatCleaner Seafood & Poultry Wash

? One Pound Wild Caught Salmon

? 1/4 cup Kosher salt

? 1 1/2 Tbsp. Monk fruit sweetener

? 1 teaspoon ground white pepper

? 2 tablespoons fresh dill leaves, washed with eatCleaner Fruit & Veg Wash

? Juice of a whole lemon plus 2 teaspoons zest


Canapes with Quick Cure Gravlax and Creme Fraiche


Lay the salmon fillet in a container that has an airtight lid, skin side down. Spritz surface of salmon with eatCleaner Seafood & Poultry Wash. Combine all of the curing ingredients in a bowl until well mixed and coat all surfaces of salmon. Seal and place in the fridge and allow to cure for at least 48 hours. Wipe the cure coating off of salmon and give it a quick rinse; pay dry. Slice into thin sheets and store in a sealed container. .


Of course, you’ve gotta go wild because the salmon is full of good for you Omega 3’a and nutrients because it’s eating what it’s supposed to. Just check out this video I did with fitness guru Natalie Jill on the subject.



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