How to Make Taco Bowls

How to Make Taco Bowls

Hey everybody, today I’m cooking with my daughter, which is always a great day when she gives me the time of day. You can relate if you have a teenager, she is my Mini Me.

We are making deconstructed taco bowls!!!!

The idea here is that you can lose the tortilla part, you can lose the chips part, you can lose those things that don’t necessarily contribute a ton of nutrient density. We’re going to focus on the goods, the yummy stuff, the fillings. We’re going to make it a little bit fun and interesting today with some different flavors and varieties, just to kind of mix it up. Because taco Tuesday can get kind of boring, and you can have these any day of the week!

These, my friends, are not bananas, they are plantains.

plantains eat cleaner




We are going to bake these, and get them nice and caramelized, and that will be part of our bowl. Then some pasilla peppers, look at the color of those fantabulous peppers. Rock fish and salmon. It is our seafood and poultry wash, helps you address bacteria, and stank, you know that stank that’s on seafood? Got to say it like that, stank. We want to eliminate stank.

Meanwhile while she does that I’m going to put the plantains in the oven. Tell them what you’re doing babe.

We got to practice sound food safety here. Teach your kids right. Get the tongs out and give them a hand. You don’t need to flip it, just do the one side, because it’s skin on the other side.

Okay, I’m going to take about a tablespoon, a generous tablespoon, and put it in the microwave to heat it up and melt it. This is coconut oil, I’m going to drizzle this on our plantains. I precooked this, this is farro, and I cooked, I made that farro risotto a couple of weeks ago, which is awesome. It’s just a different grain, a different idea than maybe rice. The bite of it is a little bit firmer.

We are going to brush those, and then I am going to season my fish. What I normally use is coriander, and a little chili powder, I’ve got some sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and I have this fun rainbow peppercorn, that I’m using from Melissa’s Produce, my friends over at Melissa’s. They are awesome. We’re adding some chili, you can certainly switch it out, maybe with some cumin, would be good. We’re making it a little bit on the bold side, because it’s a taco bowl, and we need some bold flavors.

Okay, I want you to mist our peppers with a little bit of the spray, the non-stick cooking spray, and we’re going to put those in the grill. We’re going to grill those pasilla peppers off first, and then I’m going to grill my fish. A little bit of sea salt and some of our rainbow pepper. Now we’re also going to give this a douse of lime, and I’m going to make an avocado yogurt cilantro sauce to drizzle over the top.

On the peppers, just give the peppers a little mist. Then I’m going to take one of those limes, and I’m going to get that zest, because you know that the zest is where all of the flavor is. You know I love lemon for certain things, but just Mexican food with lime, is just love. You know? It kind of just goes together. I got my daughter eating a lot of lime and lemon too, it’s just, a lot of people think that because they are acidic in flavor, means that they acidify your food. In fact it’s the opposite. If you are trying to get more alkaline in your diet, eat more lemons and limes. They help to alkalize your food, which alkalinity is key to health. Beautimous, pretty, right? How do you like that? Tap that screen if you think that’s pretty.

Can you chop these up? Just mince them. These are Jersey sweet potatoes. We’re going to actually grill them with the fish, I’m going to put them right on top, and then grill everything together. I’m going to spread these out on our fish.

While Sophia does that I’m going to cut into the avocado. What we do is we also, we like avocado on the top to just … We’re an avocado loving family. Then we’ve got about a cup of yogurt.

Let’s take some zest, and put that in there, add the zest. Turn that around, there we go. What a great way to get your kids into the kitchen guys, get them cooking. We have the juice of half a lime, and we have two tablespoons of cilantro. Everything is washed with Eat Cleaner Fruit & Vegetable Wash already.

The peppers are grilled, and charred, and they smell really good.

I’m going to add a little bit more salt to this. Guys for as clean as I cook, I just can’t cook without salt. I don’t know. It’s just one of those things. I’m working on it, but I use the Himalayan pink salt, which has good trace minerals, just use a good quality salt instead of just an iodine salt. Okay, that’s lovely. Okay, our sauce is ready, our pasilla peppers are ready, so we are going to chop those up.

We brushed our plantains with a little bit of coconut oil, and we’re going to add those onto our bowl too.

Now we are going to organize our bowls. That’s mine, take a little screenshot, that’s my bowl. I’ve got the baked plantains, I have our grilled rock fish, I have our yogurt cilantro lime yummy-ness with the avocado. I have a little bit more sliced avocado, and I have some green onions. Looking pretty.

Eat Cleaner Taco Bowls

So nice, it’s so nice. That’s the sauce, these are the peppers, and this is the salmon, my avocado, and then the farro is at the bottom.

Chow chow.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think!! I love you guys and I’d love to hear from you! Be sure to tune in to The Real Dish LIVE and catch the replays on our You Tube Channel.

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