Getting the Most out of Thanksgiving with Christine Pittman

Getting the Most out of Thanksgiving with Christine Pittman
As we head into the holidays, rolls aren’t the only thing rising. Pandemic fatigue is too...

Planning for the holidays amidst a pandemic just doesn’t feel the same. We’re mourning the loss of annual traditions, without big gatherings in the kitchen with family and friends from afar. In this episode, Christine Pittman and I dish about how to still get in the kitchen and find ways to connect with one another. We talked about creative ideas to lift your spirits and still connect with loved ones this holiday season, including tips for hosting a virtual potluck, organizing a neighborhood dropoff, or even hosting a virtual happy hour with friends to swap family recipes. And above all, keep the thankfulness front and center in our hearts and kitchens.


“Be grateful for yourself. Be proud that you’re making any kind of dinner during the Covid. This needs to be celebrated.” -Christine Pittman

“We shouldn’t put so much pressure on ourselves during Thanksgiving. In the end, it comes down to having a meal. It’s just food.” –Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie


0:11 Traditional holiday celebrations don’t basically exist anymore

2:14 Your food has been boring? Panasonic will help you spice it up

3:53 Starting cooking & family influence

5:38 Planning your dishes for the week

7:35 When you’re not a fan of leftovers, transform your dishes into something fun

10:17 Before you head to the grocery store, check what you need and don’t need

11:40 Christine’s websites and what you can equip yourself with

14:00 It’s turkey time – it’s not the same anymore but we bond more with our family members

19:44 Canadian vs American Thanksgiving – the difference and customs

21:30 We shouldn’t put so much pressure on us

22:00 How many dishes should you prepare right now?

24:30 Support the local businesses and order something in

26:06 Sweet treats – kick it up a notch with the traditional meals

27:09 Modify the unhealthy ones – lower the calories and creating smart swaps

30:40 Favorite dish of the lifetime – Ukrainian dishes

Christine Pittman is the founder of COOKtheSTORY, where 1 million monthly readers find easy and delicious recipes to fit into their busy lives. Christine is also the author of The All New Chicken Cookbook: 200+ Chicken Recipes for the Air Fryer, Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, and More! plus 40 more cookbooks.

Her love for cooking started early, watching and listening to her mother and grandmother in the kitchen, and working in her parents’ restaurants at age 12. Now, over 2 million people a month visit COOKtheSTORY and The Cookful for easy and delicious recipes and meal-planning tips. Her new podcast TMI with Christine focuses on household time-management with a lot of ideas, and plenty of empathy, to help you streamline your life while being kind to yourself.




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