Foodie Fun at the Kids Food Festival in Bryant Park, NYC

Foodie Fun at the Kids Food Festival in Bryant Park, NYC

It was about 26 degrees and snowing like crazy outside, but that didn’t stop this Southern California girl from having a blast at the Kids Food Festival in Bryant Park, NYC this past weekend!!

FullSizeRender Kids Food Festival Chef Mareya at Kids Food Festival

The Kids Food Festival helps in the fight against childhood obesity and teaches about the importance of achieving balance in food choices, through fun activities and sampling family-friendly foods. Parents and children all gathered with their forks in hand, ready to experience a weekend of flavorful fun. Lots of great brands like Kind Bar, Happy Family and Applegate Farms were there serving up their natural treats for the whole family.

Not only did I attend the event, but I got to cook for the most dedicated group of people in NYC. I mean, who would show up in the 20 something degree weather if they weren’t dedicated to better health, proper nutrition, and wellness for their families?!

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I shared some unique, child-friendly recipes for the audience, featuring Tasti-Lee Tomatoes and Mighty Rice, including Chicken, Rice and Dill Stuffed Tomatoes, Sushi Rolls and Chicken & Veggie Wraps. Getting more veggies into your everyday routine becomes a lot easier when you add it to the foods they love, like chicken and rice. What I love about the Tasti-Lee Tomatoes is they’re incredibly flavorful and have a gorgeous, vibrant red hue – what tomatoes are supposed to look and taste like…not those lackluster, hard, mealy ones that you often find at the grocery store. Plus they’re super high in lycopene, which is essential for heart health. And let me tell you, not all rice is created equal. Mighty Rice is lower glycemic index than regular rice, so it’s not going to play with their blood sugar the same way. If you’re like me, the last thing my kids need is MORE sugar. They come in white and brown varieties. I love mixing in some quinoa with the rice to up the nutrient quotient.

Tasti-Lee Tomatoes Chef Mareya & Tasti Lee

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We even had the best little helper, Lucca, come on board for the day to assist in putting the finishing touches on the dishes at our cooking demonstration. Total irony, but that’s my son’s name! I guess he was with me in more than just spirit!!


All in all, it was a successful event, full of fabulous food, demos, tips, and resources to keeping you and your family healthy and happy!


Check out these healthy, delicious, and kid-friendly ideas featuring Mighty Rice and Tasti-Lee Tomatoes.

Open-Faced Sandwiches with Tasti-Lee Tomatoes

Tasti-Lee Tomatoes in an Open Faced Sandwich with Blue Isle Probiotic Yogurt Cheese and a sprinkle of Paul Prudhomme’s Pizza Magic Seasoning. What a yummy, quick snack.

Chicken & Veggie Wraps

Get your protein, veggies, and good fats in these wraps made with chicken breast, vegan cream cheese, avocado, arugula and a side of Tasti-Lee Tomatoes

Tomatoe Sushi

Don’t eat fish? Make tomato sushi with cut up Tasti-Lee Tomatoes and Mighty Rice.

Veggie Sushi

Kids will love this sushi filled with veggies like Tasti-Lee Tomatoes, Cucumber, Vegan Cream Cheese and Mighty Rice.

Stuffed Tasti-Lee Tomatoes

These stuffed Tasti-Lee Tomatoes are filled with brown Mighty Rice, carrots, dill, and feta cheese. You can serve them as a cold salad or warm, from the oven.

Veggie Wraps

Wrap up tons of veggies with these gluten-free tortillas, stuffed with avocado, cucumber, lettuce, and Tasti-Lee Tomatoes.


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You can also grab your very own copy of The Clean Eating Handbook, 31 Essential Rules for Health, Wellness, and a Fabulously Fit Life in hardcopy or digital download. And you don’t have to read it outside!!

Chef Mareya & Clean Eating Handbook

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