'Eat This, Not That for Kids' - Mommy Daddy Handbook - As Seen on Fox 5 San Diego

'Eat This, Not That for Kids' - Mommy Daddy Handbook - As Seen on Fox 5 San Diego

Check us out on Fox 5 San Diego for a very special Mommy Daddy Handbook edition of

Eat This, Not That for Kids


In this segment, Clean Eating Expert, Founder of www.eatcleaner.com, Chef, and Mother of 2, Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie, will teach you how to make some of your kids’ favorite dishes without all of the junk inside, like saturated fats, sugar, artificial flavors, and all of the other un-pronounceable ingredients found in the packaged and processed foods that they love so much.



Eat This Not That Fox 5 SD

Mareya shows us her take on Grilled Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Macaroni & Cheese, and even a Pudding dessert on Fox 5 San Diego!

Packaged Foods are processed with million and one ingredients to help them last longer on the shelf and in your pantry…why would anyone want to eat that?

Take your traditional boxed macaroni & cheese…

can you pronounce every single ingredient listed on the nutrition label, let alone know what every ingredient even is???

mac-and-cheese kft-891_3z

Next time you want to make Macaroni & Cheese for your family, try my take on Mac n’ Cheese with ‘SQUOODLES’ – all it takes is just FIVE simple ingredients!! This dish is tasty, cheesy, and jam packed with nutrients and vegetables, your kids won’t even know the difference!

WANT TO MAKE THIS DELICIOUS DISH?!?! Visit www.eatcleaner.com or text ‘EATCLEANER’ to 22828 to Join the Cleaner Plate Club and get the recipe sent directly to your email!!

Eat This Not That Fox5 SD - 2

One of my son’s FAVORITE dishes are chicken nuggets, but do these FROZEN chicken nuggets even look appetizing to you? I know I would never eat chicken like this, so why on earth would I feed it to my kids?



These Herb Chicken Nuggets are so easy to make, super delicious, full of nutrients and can be baked or pan sautéed! Get the recipe now by joining The Cleaner Plate Club at www.eatcleaner.com or texting ‘EATCLEANER’ to 22828.


Eat This Not That Fox 5 SD - 3

Let’s work together to champion change across the nation by teaching our children about natural & FRESH foods! We can easily create delicious & healthy dishes out of some of America’s favorites!

For more great tips and recipes from Chef Mareya, The Fit Foodie, visit www.eatcleaner.com or text EATCLEANER to 22828 to Join The Cleaner Plate Club!


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