Chef Mareyas MedMex Salad

Chef Mareyas MedMex Salad

When you have a hankerin for a hearty salad…you make my MedMex creation. ✌🏽

Here’s how you elevate each ingredient:

💜Roast the purple sweet potatoes at 400F for 30 min (these were little ones) to bring out their utmost creaminess.
💚Massage that kale with dressing. Sorry @dave.asprey i know how you feel about kale but this is the best way to enjoy it. Get into it good. I used a mix of baba ganoush - smoky and tangy from vinegar- with prepared Greek-style salsa and fresh lemon. Sometimes mixing sauces like a chemist works 😜.
💙Black beans get rinsed well and dressed up wirh a little cumin. Taste them first.
🧡Toasted pumpkin seeds add great crunch and a little warmth. Sprinkle with smoked paprika for more flavor or cayenne for a little kick.
🤍I douse the @violife_foods Greek-style feta with good EVOO and Greek Freak seasoning from @spiceology
💚Finish wirh fresh cilantro

Each Ingredient should be able to stand on its own 2 feet, and when they come together, they bring all that vibrance to the party. That’s where the magic happens in this salad.

It’s good to the last forking bite! Hope you try it.



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