Baked Gingersnap And Caramel Pears

Yes, you’re on the right blog. If you had a moment where you thought, this can’t be The Fit Foodie’s Cleaner Plate Club, I wouldn’t blame you. The dealio is, you can enjoy any dish made clean, and I love to show you how.

This time of year, I adore the combination of baked fruit, like pears, and ginger. They are a special combination, marrying together like the perfect couple – the pear, in all her rich, fleshy glory and the zest of ginger, strong and bold – their flavors dancing together on the palate.

Ok, I got a little carried away, but you understand how amazing these two are together.

So here’s what I did…I took it a step further and wedged in some sticky date caramel. Because, who doesn’t need a little stickiness every once in a while? Dates are naturally super sweet so you don’t need to add any more sugar to this luscious combination. And if you need to dial back the sweetness even more, cut down on the dates by half and substitute in stevia. The caramel won’t be as thick, but you’ll still get a nice creaminess.

I bake these little babies in muffin tins to keep them upright, then slice them in half when serving. Iff you want to get really decadent, drizzle a little brandy over them. WHOA…now we’re getting crazy. It’s ok to be a little crazy, no?





Step 1: Cut the tops off – about 1 1/2″ – and make sure to save for baking.

Step 2: Core pears and take out any seeds.

Step 3: Place pears in a muffin tin, using a liner to grab juices as pear bakes.



Step 4: Crush 1/2 cup of low sugar gingersnaps in a food process and add 1 cup of date caramel; process until smooth. Fill each pear with two tablespoons of date caramel and gingersnap mixture. Click HERE for date caramel recipe.



Step 5: Top each pear with ‘lid’ and dust pears with cinnamon. Bake at 375F for 30 minutes or until pears are soft and gingerbread caramel mixture are firm.



Step 6: Remove pears from oven and drizzle with a little honey or brandy, if desired.



You can also slice the pears in half and crumble a little more gingersnap over the top to give them a crunch. Enjoy!



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