What the EWG won’t tell you about washing pesticides away

What the EWG won’t tell you about washing pesticides away

Every year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases its list of the most pesticide-laden produce items calls the Dirty Dozen.

And every year, it creates a media tidal wave of coverage. It shows up everywhere, and seemingly sets off a storm of fear in the hearts of every fruit and veggie lover, banishing the thought of ever eating a non-organic plant.

They even suggest washing with just water.  The question begs, is there really nothing we can do about these harmful pesticides more effective than just rinsing with water – which is highly ineffective with hydrophobic fruits and veggies? Thankfully, yes.

These third-party lab studies proved that if you wash your produce properly with Eat Cleaner Triple Action Fruit & Vegetable Wash, you can get rid of over 99% of the “toxic” and “cancer-causing” agents. The truth is, water alone cannot effectively remove oil-based pesticides. You need something that can chelate non-water soluble substances, safely. And simply just buying organic produce doesn’t mean you’re immune from pesticides.

Eat Cleaner even removed over 95% of the toxic pesticides from whole, porous strawberries. Just watch this video to see how easy it is to use – and how gorgeous those strawberries look. They tasted even more amazing!

You can find more videos on our YouTube Channel!

For less than the price of a couple lattes, you can enjoy cleaner, safer, longer lasting fresh produce!



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