WASTED: A Celebration of Sustainable Food, Sunday, October 14, 2018

WASTED:  A Celebration of Sustainable Food, Sunday, October 14, 2018

We are thrilled to be partnering up with Chef Works and Kitchens for Good called WASTED – A Celebration of Sustainable Food.

At this Innaugural Tastemaker event to benefit Kitchens for Good, local and national celebrity chefs and mixologists, including Elizabeth Faulkner, Brian Malarkey and Bruce Kalman, are challenged to take items that would typically be WASTED from their kitchen or bar and repurpose it into a bite-sized dish, cocktail or dessert. Guests will be voting on the winning drink, dish and dessert!

This event was created to bring the idea of sustainability to the consciousness of both chefs and consumers and create a call-to-action around re-thinking food waste. Proceeds will benefit Kitchens for Good, a non-profit that breaks the cycles of food waste, poverty and hunger through innovative programs in workforce training, healthy food production, and social enterprise.

Eat Cleaner founder and CEO, Mareya Ibrahim, will be demonstrating how the Eat Cleaner line of products can help everyone in the kitchen reduce waste and get the maximum benefits from the fresh produce.

Eat Cleaner products are specifically formulated to remove harmful residue, wax and chemicals from fresh food while extending shelf life up to 5x longer. Attendees will receive product samples, information and get great tips on how to save money and the environment with Eat Cleaner Triple Action Fruit + Veggie Wash – the only product on the marketing patented and formulated to extend shelf life. Guests will also learn how to use eatFresh-FC Anti-Browning Powder to prevent browning on cut produce while keeping it fresh.

Here are just a few ways you can make the most out of your hard-earned green, while keeping it green for the environment:

Wash it when you bring it home.One packet of eatCleaner food grade wash powder can clean up to 30 lbs. of produce! Just dissolve a packet into a gallon of cool water, stir and soak your produce for 1 minute. Air dry your produce and store fruit and vegetables that should stay chilled or anything cut in a sealed container in the fridge. Produce like whole apples, pears and bananas can stay at room temp.

– Who likes brown apples?

NO ONE. After you wash them with eatCleaner, cut into slices and soak them in our eatFresh-FC solution for 5 minutes. They’ll last up to 7 days but they’ll surely get gobbled up way before that.

– Avocados all came ripe at the same time? Mash them up and add 1 teaspoon of eatFresh-FC for every 1/2 cup of avocado and you’ve got the best guacamole. It keeps them for browning up to 5 days! Just add a little ground cumin and garlic and you’re ready to guac and roll!

– Store your washed produce in containers that help extend shelf life, like Rubbermaid Fresh Works and OXO GoodGrips Green Saver

– To keep herbs lasting longer, snip off the ends of the stems, fill a jar with an inch of water and place the herbs stems down, covering them with a plastic bag

– Herbs starting to fade?

Wash and chop them up, place in an ice cube tray and fill the tray with olive or avocado oil, then freeze. Those little flavors cubes are perfect for sauteeing veggies and proteins, and you can pop one out at a time.

– When your veggies and fruit look like they’re turning, best to puree and freeze for a rainy day

By washing with eatCleaner, you never have to peel away the valuable benefits of fiber in the skin.

More about Kitchens for Good:

Kitchens for Good’s (KFG) is an innovative nonprofit whose mission is to break the cycles of food waste, poverty and hunger through programs in workforce training, healthy food production, and social enterprise. KFG works to develop community kitchens that provide culinary job training for unemployed populations, while simultaneously transforming cosmetically imperfect produce into nutritious meals for the community. In addition to tackling issues of food waste, hunger and unemployment, Kitchens for Good ensures its own sustainability by building a profitable catering enterprise at the core of its kitchen. This model creates livable wage jobs for culinary graduates, and generates significant profits to reinvest into social programs.



Sun, October 14, 2018

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT


Liberty Station: Legacy Plaza

2641 Truxton Road

San Diego, CA 92106

To purchase tickets: https://www.wastedcelebration.com/


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