Want to Look Forward to Lunch? Your FREE GIFT Awaits

Want to Look Forward to Lunch?  Your FREE GIFT Awaits

Want to look forward to lunch? Have a cute bag.

I mean, toting your own makes so much sense.

When you make your own meals, you become in charge of nutrition, cost and cleanliness.

I remember when I was in elementary school, getting a new lunchbox was errrrything. I mean, it was what I looked forward to the most to start the year. It was something I’d have to look at everyday and, let’s be real, lunch was what I looked forward to most everyday at school. My absolute favorite was Scooby Doo, with the matching Thermos. Am I dating myself or can you relate?

Do you take your lunch to work, the playground or on the road with you? Here’s why it makes so much sense (cents):

  • You get to be in control of portion sizes. The majority of restaurants offer portions that are waaaay too big. According to the FDA, there’s no regulation on how much the calories listed on a menu can vary from what’s actually in the dish — they only have to be “reasonable.” Most of the restaurants saw they calculate calorie count based on an average, but Consumer Reports says The Cheesecake Factory’s 36-ounce (more than 2 pounds) meatload dinner had up to 2,016 calories (the maximum number most people should have in a day) and up the 132 grams of fat (about twice as much). And that’s before any cheesecake. Holy calorie glut, Batman.
  • You save money. If you’re going out to eat all the time, even if it’s jut a casual meal, your wallet will feel the burn. And if you’re feeding a family, that just got extra expensive. When you purchase groceries with a list and meal prep – even it it’s just getting your produce washed with Eat Cleaner – you’ll get way more bank for your buck. And if you need inspiration on what to prep for the week, DOWNLOAD this weekly meal plan, which comes with a shopping list and recipes. You can feed a family of 4 most meals for the week for about $125! I don’t know about you, but I usually feel underwhelmed when I eat out, too.
  • You control cleanliness, quality and food safety. I don’t mean to make you lose your lunch, but there can be a lot to be desired about the cleanliness of food prepped in places outside of your own home. Just listen to my podcast episode this week call Is Eating Out Worth The Risk?”, inspired by my own frightening episode of food poisoning after eating at an LA establishment. When you pick the ingredients, was your produce the right way, control temperature and cooking, you know exactly what has gone into the food. If you or someone in your family has food allergies, this can be a matter of life or death. Plus, you never want to leave perishables out for over two hours unrefrigerated, so put an ice pack in here and you’ll keep your food from getting you.

It only takes 30 minutes on a weekend to get many of your essentials prepped when you have a system, and we’re here to help. Plus, you get a cute bag that makes you look forward to lunch!!

Just purchase $35 or more at eatcleaner.com and get $5 off PLUS out awesome, new insulated cooler bag, with plenty of room for your lunch, snacks, a bevvy on the side and even a little pocket for your keys. CODE: COOLERBAG10 at checkout.

Pick up an Essentials Bundle, or consider purchasing 2 kits – one for you and one for a friend, family member or co-worker. When you take of other people’s health, it comes back in spade.

Here’s to a fantastic MARCH and yay, Daylight Savings on the 10th!



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