The Truth Behind Pre-Washed Veggies. My Interview with Natalie Jill.

Boy, does this question come up a LOT. The beauty of pre-washed produce is that it’s ready to eat, even if it comes at a convenience item price. The bummer with this is, you can’t always guarantee it’s clean enough. And what you might not see…or worse, see, might shock you.

A Consumer Reports study examined a variety of bagged salad greens and found “bacteria that are common indicators of poor sanitation and fecal contamination—in some cases, at rather high levels.”

The fact is, most pre-washed produce is cleaned with chlorinated water, which is about 90% effective in cleaning bacteria.

And there are all kinds of things turning up in those bags besides greens. If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you skip this part.

Like big, bright beetles.

A dead mouse.

Live frogs.

Dead rats.

Dead birds


That’s enough to make you lose your lunch.

I recently had the chance to meet with Natalie Jill Fitness who has a massive fan following for her fitness and food info. Watch what I showed her and why she told her staff, “We are never just rinsing with water again. You have to use Eat Cleaner!” Click the link below:

So here’s what I suggest. If you’re going to purchase a bagged produce item, wash it again with Eat Cleaner. That way, you know you’re getting it cleaner. And even if there isn’t anything visible there, what you can’t see can hurt you.


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