The Secret to Cooking Juicy Chicken Breasts, Every Time!

The Secret to Cooking Juicy Chicken Breasts, Every Time!

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly cooked chicken breast to quench the appetite and give you the essential amino acids you need to power that FAB body of yours. But let’s face it, it can get dry as a rice cake if it’s not cooked well. And poorly cooked breasts are just a travesty!

Here’s how to avoid the dreaded, dried-out breast:

🔹Spray your chicken with Eat Cleaner Seafood and Poultry Wash. I promise you this is like magic! It has a brining effect, so it will give it the juiciness that you desire and also cut down on cooking time. It also address of some of that nasty residue that can be on chicken so winner winner chicken dinner! No rinsing needed, just spray up to 4 hours before cooking.
🔸Poach first. Cooking white meat like chicken breasts in a little cooking liquid first can help give it the moisture it needs. I like to use a low sodium chicken stock and white wine for this.
🔹Add lots of flavor with fresh lemon wedges and herbs for a healthful flavor boost instead of a lot of fat. And always clean those herbs and the outside of your citrus with eatCleaner fruit and vegetable wash so as not to introduce toxins to your otherwise healthy meal.
🔸Finish your chicken with a nice sear on high heat for that pretty color. Cooking it and a little coconut oil does the trick, and my go-to is raw coconut oil. I do the same with the lemons to get them warm and juicy.
🔹Source high quality chicken. It makes a huge difference when the animal is eating what nature intended. My go-to is Butcher Box and they always deliver delicious proteins that are sustainably raised. If you use my code, you’ll get their latest FREE promo which is always high in value. Right now it’s Bacon For Life!

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Now add a lot of veggies and maybe a side of black rice and you have the makings of a convertible meal all week. Make a salad, make a bowl, make a taco, make a burrito, you name it. The perfect meal prep protein!