The Real Dish Podcast Episode 10: How to Get Nutrient Dense

The Real Dish Podcast Episode 10: How to Get Nutrient Dense

Tune in to Episode 10 of The Real Dish where I reveal how to bulk up on the food that really feeds you to the core.

The Real Dish Episode 10

I know this is going to get some knickers in a twist, but let me dish for a sec. People often label how they eat to identify themselves (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc) but eliminating food groups doesn’t necessarily make your eating habits healthy. You can be a ‘cheese and cracker’ vegetarian or a paleo that eats too much animal protein or a vegan that doesn’t get enough protein…or an omnivore that just eats everything without questioning.

So how do you know if you’re actually nourishing yourself and feeding your body to the cellular level? Get dense. It’s not ‘OMG, Becky, like you’re sooo dense.’ It’s more like, what would Superman eat? I’m sure there are a lot of leafy greens under those bulging muscles and cape. Getting dense with your food choices is the opposite of empty calories, and means you’re making every bite count with superfoods that nourishes you to the core – whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free or a total carnivore.

In this episode of The Real Dish podcast, I’m sharing my strategy for getting as dense as possible with superfoods and combining them in a way that maximizes your nutritional bang for calorie buck, all from my book The Clean Eating Handbook. Listen while you’re getting ready in the morning, on your way to work or exercising – it’s food for thought you can really sink your teeth into. For more information, check out This podcast is sponsored by Eat Cleaner and Moss Productions.

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If you need to get caught up, here’s your link to all 10 episodes including exclusive interviews, motivation, and tips from George Foreman IV, @MarisaWayne from GRIT Cycle, Sean Foy, @JoshBoyd from The12Movement, The12-Costa Mesa, and 12 Week Fitness Challenge, Jenny Ross Living Foods, and Founder of and Chef, @MareyaIbrahim, The Fit Foodie!!

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