Tana Amen: How to dominate your health with a warrior mindset. Episode 15 of The Real Dish

Tana Amen: How to dominate your health with a warrior mindset. Episode 15 of The Real Dish

Learn how to dominate your health with a warrior mindset with Tana Amen.

Tune in to Episode 15 of The Real Dish!!


In this packed episode, Chef Mareya shares thoughts with Tana Amen. Tana Amen, RN, BSN. helps people realize that they are not stuck with the brain and body they have by empowering them with simple strategies that will transform them into WARRIORS for their health.


Tana is the executive vice president of the Amen Clinics, the NY Times bestselling author of “The Omni Diet”, highly respected health and fitness expert, and a nationally renowned speaker, and media guest.

Tana and Daniel beach

In addition to working with her husband at The Amen Clinics, Tana was a nutrition consultant, coach, and part of the team, which included psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman, and heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, that helped create the wildly popular Daniel Plan (www.danielplan.com) for Saddleback Church at the request of Pastor Rick Warren.

She and her husband, Dr. Daniel Amen recently appeared together in the popular PBS television show “Healing ADD” and “The Omni Health Revolution”. Working side by side they are creating an army of people dedicated to transforming the health of their brains and bodies using the tips and strategies they’ve created called “The Brain Warrior’s Way”.

Besides being a guest for the “Doctor’s”, NBC’s “Today”, “Good Day NY”, “Extra”, “Joy Behar” and others, Tana has given presentations at The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Saddleback Church, High Performance Academy, Superhero You, the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior, the Omega Institute, Kripalu, Beacon House, Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, and many other wellness-focused organizations.

After graduating Magna cum Laude from Loma Linda University’s School of Nursing, Tana spent years working at Loma Linda’s level A trauma unit as a neurosurgical intensive care nurse, taking care of some of the sickest patients in the hospital. There she learned firsthand the value of diet and nutrition on brain health. Tana is the author of 6 highly successful books, including: The Omni Diet, Healing ADD through Food, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Cookbook, Get Healthy with the Brain Doctor’s Wife, Eat Healthy with the Brain Doctor’s Wife and Live Longer with the Brain Doctor’s Wife.

In addition to working with her husband at The Amen Clinics, Tana was a nutrition consultant, coach, and part of the team, which included psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman, and heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, that helped create the wildly popular Daniel Plan (www.danielplan.com) for Saddleback Church at the request of Pastor Rick Warren.

Tana hosts a unique tribe of “Brain Warriors” on the community started by the Amen’s, “Brain Fit Life” www.mybrainfitlife.com where she shares healthy eating tips and lifestyle strategies. Many of her tips are also shared via her blogs on Huffington Post www.huffingtonpost.com, Live Strong www.livestrong.com, Brain In The News www.AmenClinics.com and www.tanaamen.com. She has also played an important part in Dr. Amen’s astonishingly successful PBS specials, which have raised more than $50 million for public television and have made Daniel Amen one of the country’s most respected doctors.

Tana practices martial arts regularly and has a black belt in Kenpo Karate and Taekwando. Being a mother and wife is Tana’s first passion. Keeping her family and friends focused on fitness and health is a primary value for her. Tana believes that everyone can optimize his or her health by using “The Brain Warrior’s Way” that she and her husband have developed and perfected. Her call to action energizes and inspires her followers.

Listen while you’re getting ready in the morning, on your way to work or exercising – it’s food for thought you can really sink your teeth into. For more information, check out The Real Dish.

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<00:00:00.00> Mareya

Hey everybody! So glad to have Tana Amen on with us today she is just, first of all she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. And I have had the privilege of working with her both directly and indirectly on a couple of projects one being a show raspy rehab. no we went, we never went up against each other but we both got chance to rehab healthy rehab dishes which were otherwise unhealthy and make them healthy and we’ve also worked together on projects for the Daniel Plan.. Welcome Tana Amen

<00:01:53.21> Tana

Thank you so much I am so excited to be here. Thank you for that introduction you’re very sweet yeah it’s been quite a journey and lots of fun. Our paths have crossed in some interesting ways and I love that. So I know you have the same values and that makes this really fun

<00:02:11.10> Mareya

well and that’s why this is really special because I consider you one of the most interesting wellness warriors out there because you really dive into how the brain is connected to our wellness. And so many people are focused on “okay, it’s about eating right and it’s about exercising..” but you really come at it from that, more, I mean, at least partially, mental perspective and I love to dive into that with you. And also you are a nurse correct?

<00:02:41.29> Tana

I am. So I started off as a nurse – surgical trauma intensive care nurse. So dealing with the brain was pretty much bashed in so not in its best condition. And very interesting when I met my husband, who is a nurse psychiatrist, so you can imagine our first date all we talked about was the brain. Lots of fun! It was very interesting! I was fascinated by what he did and of course he’s never been on a date where they talked about was the brain so that was really cool. But I loved what we do because we’ve really began to integrate from the time we met we started integrating what both of us are really good at. For me it was lifestyle, for him it was the brain. And when you really combine those two, I mean, it’s fascinating. And a lot of people like you said they don’t think about their brain. They don’t think about the fact that when your brain works right, you work right. When it doesn’t, you don’t. And your life is not as; your life just doesn’t work as well. When you don’t have a good brain but what they really don’t make the connection about is lifestyle on their brain.

<00:03:42.01> Mareya

So let’s talk about that a little bit. And by the way, I have to just share this with you. first of all, I would have loved to … for that first date and that conversation with you and Dr Daniel Amen who’s obviously one of the most respected brain doctors out there in the world. But I mean, I would have just loved to have heard your conversation but the second thing I want to share with you was I thought I was going to be a brain surgeon. When I was in fourth grade and my dad still has this save I did this very in depth project about how the brain works and why it’s so important and he still has that.

<00:04:21.03> Tana

Oh that’s cool! That’s great!

So I am intrigued about the subject so in a nutshell, no pun intended, why is our brain so important in our pursuit of good health?

<00:04:31.07> Tana

Well like I said, your brain is responsible for all the decisions you make. It’s responsible for your mood, your happiness. If it’s working right, I mean. If you think about Alzheimer’s disease, so many things affect your brain and if your brain is affected it affects the outcome. And if you just think of Alzheimer’s disease, there you go. It really explains it. But what people don’t think they always think of well it’s genetic and I can’t help that. Well guess what? The way you prevent Alzheimer’s disease is you prevent the risk factor. And the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease are diabetes, obesity, and all the lifestyle diseases we don’t think about. So it’s depression, it’s brain injuries, all of those things and we can prevent those.

<00:05:15.16> Mareya

How do we do that? So you’re talking about daily maintenance, right? Not just the way until something really puts us in jeopardy.

<00:05:25.03> Tana

No it’s too late then.

<00:05:31.07> Mareya

What is that look like? What can the average person do every day to, I guess, nourish their brain?

<00:05:31.17> Tana

Okay, first of all let me just take back what said. What I mean by it’s not actually too late it’s never really too late. We’ve actually taken damaged brains and made them better. So it’s not too late. However, you know I’m a martial artist; I love to practice martial arts. I love the warrior mentality and there’s a reason we can talk about that later. but the bottom-line is I love what Sun Tzu said and basically to paraphrase what he said, the best wars ever fought, the best battles ever fought are won are the ones you never fight. It’s because you spent so much time preparing. Warriors train everyday they don’t wait until fight day. You can’t do that. And you usually don’t have to fight if you’re well prepared.

<00:06:11.09> Mareya

That’s a great mindset because it’s not being reactive, it’s really being pro-active.

<00:06:24.19> Tana


<00:06:26.17> Mareya

So what can our listeners today do to basically maintain their brains on a daily basis? Are there supplements that they should be taking? Or is it food based? I mean, can you give us maybe your top 4 suggestions?

<00:06:39.00> Tan

so here’s the cool thing, what’s good for your brain is good for your heart is good for your hormones is good for your genitals is good for the rest of your body, right? So that’s really the cool thing is there’s so many ways to get sick but there is really one solid path to wellness. That doesn’t mean one diet. It means one solid path to wellness. We don’t believe one diet fits everyone. We customize our program based on your important numbers. We look at your numbers and we go “okay, this is where you’re lacking.” so supplements we have a quiz you can take that will help you to really understand where you’re lacking because supplements are individual. If you have an anxious brain you should be taking something to help calm you down something like … increase the serotonin. but if you have, if you’re someone who’s depressed then maybe you need more dopamine you need more oomph and a little more motivation, then you want something that’s going to give you that energy and that’s different.

<00:07:31.22> Mareya

And where can people take that quiz, by the way? That’s a golden nugget right there.

<00:07:34.16> Tana

Right. If you go to our website, my website is amenlifestyle.com and our overall sort of parent umbrella website is amenclinics.com. You will find a plethora of information. You can get your brain type, you can get your supplements, there’s so many things that you can do there. And I have this specific supplement quiz in the Omni diet that’s inside the Omni diet as well. So that’s more related to nutrition and the brain

<00:08:04.11> Mareya

okay, and we’ll post all of those links in the show notes so that you don’t have to memorize those but keep going Tana this is fascinating

<00:08:11.18> Tana

Yeah so that’s the supplement but really it’s and this is why I.. My first fight I got into with my publisher was over the word DIET on my book. I hate the word DIET, the first three letters are D-I-E, die.

<00:08:25.08> Mareya

We’re so on the same wavelength with that!

<00:08:27.14> Tana

They got to have their word for searchability. We don’t believe in the diet and I will tell people straight up, right up front, if you are trying to lose 10 lbs to get into a dress for an event, this is not the program for you. I don’t do that because the reason I don’t do that is because it will mess up people’s metabolism. They will end up gaining more weight later and they will blame me. I am not just signing up for that! so if you want to do something that’s going to affect the rest of your life, that’s going to affect generations to come, because what you do doesn’t just affect you. EP genetics says that it affects your children, your grandchildren, and everyone around you. So we want you onboard for the rest of your life and it’s really some simple switches. Mostly mindset that does that. And it’s a lifelong program.

<00:09:13.20> Mareya

I love it. I love it. Yeah it really is. People don’t realize that our DNA basically is what we put in to it. And it does affect all those generations to come. So okay they take the quiz, they find out what kind of brain they have essentially and how to nourish that brain. And they start eating better and really eating better affects everything, really. It’s holistic. Is there a certain, you know, is there a one thing that you see that people are usually deprived of?

<00:09:46.24> Tana

Oh gosh. Not one. There’s usually, it depends. We have vegans that will sometimes. A lot of people think that because they start eating animal protein that makes them instantly healthier somehow. And that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Vegan and health are not synonymous. You can eat donuts and white potatoes and you know everyday have pasta rice potatoes things that quickly turn to sugar and think that you’re going to be healthier, you’re not. So if you’re going to go vegan we want to educate you on what that means for you to be healthy. We don’t care about your food philosophy we want you to be healthy. So we’re going to look at your individual numbers and help you because a lot of times if you’re vegan it means that your fatty acid profile may not be quite what it needs to be. So we don’t want you to be too high on Omega-6 fatty acids we want to balance you out with your Omega-3 fatty acids and we’ll teach you how to do that. That’ one that can be off with a lot of people, vitamin D is off in almost every day when they first start. It’s just radically low in most people.

<00:10:43.13> Mareya

And why is that, Tana? Why is vitamin D always that culprit?

<00:10:48.02> Tana

Well first of all, most of us are paranoid about the sun and for a good reason. We’re a little afraid of the sun and getting skin cancer and ageing and all that stuff. And so that’s understandable. But you’ve got to make sure that you’re either getting just a small amount of sunshine or you have to supplement. And a lot of people live in areas where they don’t get a lot of sun or in California it’s the opposite and everyone is putting a ton of sunscreen on to counteract that. And so wearing hats and whatever. They’re avoiding the sun.

<00:11:13.06> Mareya

I see. And that is really where we are able to metabolize that and get that vitamin D as the sun is our best source.

<00:11:21.05> Tana

Yes, and the darker skin you have the harder it is for you to do that.

<00:11:26.12> Mareya

I see. So are there certain foods that you just think everybody should have in their diet whether they’re vegan, or you know, dairy free, or gluten-free. What are some of your favorite foods that we could all use every day?

<00:11:41.18> Tana

Okay so things that affect the brain negatively and a lot of people don’t put this together, there are foods that radically affect brain function on a daily basis that you want to get rid off – sugar increases rapid brain cell firing. It increases the symptoms of ABD, no questions asked. Increases diabetes which ultimately is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. So there is reason we get rid of those things. Things like…. and dairy. It’s not just lactose, … and dairy can affect some people very negatively from a brain function standpoint. As well as gluten. So we take people off of those things to see how they do. Not everyone is the same but we’ll take most people off if they’re having any sort of brain problems and see how they do with that. As far as things that people like, in general, should eat, yeah. Plant based foods obviously it’s going to be tailored to people based on their specific allergies. But for the most part definitely not low fat. Your brain is solid. Your brain is sixty percent fat so you got to constantly hydrate it because your brain is 80% water. But the solid way is 60% fat. You got to be hydrating it and you’ve got to be eating the right fats. So things like not nuts and avocados, seeds, things like that. Lots of plant-based foods that are going to give you the antioxidants you need. Berries have a special property that actually like little Pac-man and clean up debris in the brain. believe it or not, and I don’t care if you’re vegan or you’re a caveman, you’ve got to be getting enough protein to increase focus, balance, blood sugar and increase the metabolisms of the hormones metabolism. So if you’re a vegan just make sure you’re getting the right balance. You’re not just reading a bunch of carbs like I talked about like pasta rice potatoes, you know, donuts. That’s not going to help you just because you cut out animal protein.

<00:13:27.28> Mareya

Right. Right. now what do you think about, you know all of the products, all of the soy-based products that are quote “meat replacements” that a lot of people have turned to? What’s your feeling on those?

<00:13:41.22> Tana

Ok I don’t like processed meats, the process big meats. I think that they’re horrible. Most of them have a ton of chemicals in them. We have over done so in our country and that’s why people are starting to see so much problems. The main thing people need to get rid of is soy milk. It has way too much sugar and you drink it in large amounts, that’s one of the problems. But the other problems we have soy-based products and soy oil which is horrible oil. In almost everything that’s processed. So that’s where we’re seeing too much so much trouble with soy. If you get rid of those things and if you’re a vegan and you’re eating some organic tofu which is fermented that’s not such a problem. Ok just don’t overdo it. But getting some organic fermented tofu that’s not a problem. Also make it you know try to make your source organic. But the problem is we have most of the soy in our country is GMO and its cheap quality. So the oil things like that that’s what you want to avoid. But the vegans I know who are the healthiest are the people who eat up heavily raw diet. So my friend Jenny Ross who you probably know from the Daniel plan, she’s awesome! I mean, the raw food, her raw food I’ve taken cooking lessons or non cooking classes whatever you want to call them, from her. And I eat heavily. You know probably seventy minimum, 70% of my diet is raw. And it tastes amazing and those are vegans that I know who are super healthy.

<00:15:07.04> Mareya

And by the way for everybody I interviewed Jenny Ross. She is one of our the Real Dish interviewees and you can hear her interview, I believe it’s episode 11. You can check that out at therealdish.com so yes. And I think the whole idea of staying sustainable, staying as plant forward as possible, really just applies to everybody no matter what philosophy, like you said, you practice. You know here’s the thing that I always struggle with. So I went through a period of time personally and on I’m just going to give a personal story. So I went through a period of time where I went vegetarian and then I went vegan. And I tell you it was just, it was though.. Let’s just say I struggled through that period a lot and there was a lot of brain fog. And I came to understand it’s because I was eating way too many carbohydrates, like especially refined carbohydrates. And this was before I knew what I know when I’m practicing what I teach now. But when. How do you reach those people that you know really want to almost like follow a fad versus really doing it for the nutrition reasons? You know they want to say I’m a vegan and I hear that all the time but they’re not necessarily doing it the right way. What would be a good way for them to redirect? Is that something that you address with the survey that you do?

<00:16:34.07> Tana

I really try to. Here we see people from all over the world so we see whatever, you know we see every philosophy there is, every religion, every.. everything. And so you know it’s a delicate balance. I was vegan as well and I was never, vegans are going to get mad when I say that I was never sicker. Because I know part of it is one diet just doesn’t fit everybody. Now I don’t do well with a high-protein diet either, I just don’t. So I, for me it was middle of the road and it also understood. And part of it is because I’m an athlete and I push it pretty hard. So trying to eat strictly, super clean, healthy plant-based foods and not, I wasn’t getting enough, I was trying to fill that gap with rice and the same thing all of our patients do, pasta. And it was making me sick. So I needed some sort of protein in there and it just wasn’t cutting it for me. Now, I know vegans who just are vibrant and healthy and that works for them. I think that’s great I don’t think there’s one philosophy. And people get mad when I say this meal and that’s ok I don’t actually, my goal is not to be popular it’s to tell the truth and to help people get well. And here’s the reality. You know, I sea food fights that make political debates look like kindergarten played it. It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen because your body doesn’t care about your food philosophy. Now if it is it your body just needs what it needs. Now if that is because of your values we completely respect that. We’re going to work with you to make your program work the best. But I’m going to tell you the truth. So you might not like what I have to say you. Know if you’re going to be vegan you need to know the truth. You can’t fill your basket with a bunch of garbage just because it does not meet in it and think you’re going to get healthy. That doesn’t work like that. Too much protein is not healthy either.

<00:18:27.23> Mareya

I’m with you on that totally and this, by no means, is bash-the-vegan show at all.

<00:18:39.26> Tana

I’m not. I’m not invested in a food philosophy; I’m invested in your health. And we, I will help you no matter where you’re coming from. Eating too much protein is animal protein definitely not healthy for you either. It creates oxidative stress. That’s the science that’s not made up.

<00:18:57.11> Mareya

Can I say amen?

<00:18:57.08> Tana

So that’s just a fact, if you eat too much at one time. We tell people take it in small doses like medicine

<00:19:07.14> Interviewer: hello? <00:20:03.20> Tana

so the truth is we don’t really care about your food philosophy and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, what I mean is we’re invested in your health. so we will respect your philosophy and look at your numbers and make it work for you. and the truth is that you know we’re not, this isn’t about going against vegans because the truth is eating too much protein is also not good for you. so the science actually shows that eating too much protein at one time creates oxidative stress so we tell people to take it in small doses like medicine. so if you took too much medicine at once it would make you sick. so you want to pick up small amounts. and that’s what we told people seventy percent plant-based foods and the truth is, out of the protein, the 30% protein not all needs to be animal-based. so like in the morning I have a smoothie with plant, with a plant-based protein powder. so I don’t get that much, you know, animal protein in my diet and the animal protein that we do get is very high quality.

<00:21:01.02> Mareya

so are you recommending mostly, you know if you’re going to do that, do lean meats or what are your favorite types of animal-based protein?

<00:21:10.02> Tana

It’s you know, it’s less, it’s not so much about being lean it’s about being natural. So it’s about being grass fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, basically free range. I literally order bison where they run you; they’re running during the day. When you get it literally it’s purple because there are so little fat in it. now it’s that kind of fat, the palmitic acid, that is bad for people. That is linked to heart disease. so by eating that type of free-range meat as opposed to industrial meat you’re decreasing, you’re radically cutting the palmitic acid. If you look at a New York steak that’s industrially raised compared to a New York state from a bison that is free range, one looks pink with a bunch of white lines on it, that’s the fat, the other one’s dark purple with like hardly any fat on it

<00:21:57.16> Mareya

So it’s kind of like wild cod vs farm raised salmon for example where the color is completely difference. so that’s great that’s created by us. so aside from the food and aside from exercise which we know was awesome for your brain health too. what about the actual sleep piece? Because I think we are a society that just feels like we have to go go go. but at the end of the day we do we do need to shut down. We’re not like computers. We do need to shutdown and reboot and recharge. so what is your philosophy on sleep?

<00:22:32.14> Tana

So here’s the thing, if you want to go faster you need to go slower to get more done. You can get more done by sleeping longer. it in fact, the studies show we have numerous studies now, actually most of them are in our website, when you sleep it washes your brain. Literally that’s when the debris is cleaned out of your brain when you sleep. also really interesting study done, like I said I practice martial arts so I’m always reading stuff about adrenaline response and I was attacked when I was 15 walking into high school so I’m a huge advocate of women’s self defense. I was assaulted on the street so as a result I read these crazy books, people always require reading books like about the military or whatever, but they talk about adrenaline response and how they train soldiers. And one of the books I read, by lieutenant Dave Grossman, basically what they did a study on soldiers and target practice, when soldiers slept seven hours they hit he target 98% of the time. When they slept six hours, one hour less, they hit it 50% of the time. When they slept 5 hours it dropped radically. By the time they got to 4 hours it was 15% of the time. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t want a soldier carrying an assault rifle who’s hitting his target 15% of the time. So it’s radically different and the other part, the other piece is hydration believe it or not. So sleep and hydration. Doing those two simple things that really take very little energy, in fact no energy to sleep, you’re going to get more out of your day. You’re going to accomplish more, be more focused. And did you know you increase your power, not just your physical power but your brain power and concentration simply by being hydrated. You increase your power 19%.

<00:24:16.22> Mareya

That’s amazing! So I am a big advocate and I talk a lot about hydration. Usually a people think they’re hungry but they’re actually thirsty. so think about that.

<00:24:25.22> Tana

Right, not just the hunger. People always are like “Oh I should drink because of hunger!” You will perform better and increase your physical power, including aerobic capacity, endurance, brain function, everything 19%.

<00:24:37.12> Mareya

So get that water guys! Get that water going! You don’t need those sugary energy drinks, by all means.

<00:24:42.14> Tana

Oh dear Lord, no.

<00:24:43.10> Mareya

So I have to ask you, you and thank you for sharing your story about being attacked and basically creating a positive out of that because now you’re fierce warrior. I mean what happens if people just have not been raised in a place where they’ve eaten well and they’re learning. can you.. is it ever too late? You kind of touched on that but what can we do to get on course now? What would be your one big piece of advice for somebody who’s like, “Wow you know I wasn’t raised in a household that ate well or you know I haven’t been sleeping well? And what do you do to get on course?”

<00:25:22.08> Tana

Ok so I’m going to start by saying one of the reasons I’m so intense, people often say, “Wow you are so intense!” there’s a reason I’m so intense. I grew up in a very poor household. Single working mother. We were I mean it was not pretty. It was by no means, leave it to beaver and it was, there’s a reason that you work fast when you work for. And I grew up eating the worst food on the planet and I paid the price. I was very sick as a kid. I mean like not getting sick. I’ve had nine surgeries, had cancer three times, gall bladder removed, I can go on and on. But that’s not the point. I was very sick and I didn’t know that a lot of it was connected to my life style and how I was eating. And then I started over-exercising things thinking I could fix it and I wanted if I just exercise a lot and I made myself even sicker. So I’ve been through those extremes and I wrote the Omni diet not because of our clinics I wrote it to heal myself. So if I can do it, believe me, anybody can do it. there’s a reason I have a warrior mentality. And there’s a reason I practice martial arts. one because I already told you, I believe in women’s self-defence. The second one is because it’s symbolic for me. It’s symbolic of overcoming. It’s symbolic of not giving up. I was told I could never practice again. I was, after the last time I had cancer, that my health wouldn’t tolerate it. And my husband often jokes the best way to get me to do something to tell me I can’t.

<00:26:39.09> Tana

Yeah it was it was like I’m, it’s symbolic for me of never giving up, of never giving in. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m so intense is because I really, really care. And I’ve been there. And if I can do this, believe me, anybody can do it. and that’s why I like the warrior mindset. number one it’s an honor to real warriors because what they go through is, for them, to accomplish what they accomplish they have to have a certain mindset. For you to accomplish what you need to accomplish and do it well and leave a legacy of health, if you come from a place that is like where I came from, you need to develop a warrior mindset. And if you do that and you have a tribe that helps you and supports you, you’re going to be so much more successful.

<00:27:26.28> Mareya

I love it. Can I say amen?

<00:27:29.06> Tana

Absolutely! That’s a big name to live up to but I am willing to try.

<00:27:35.05> Mareya

Okay, so I have to ask, if you had one meal left, one meal, what would it be?

<00:27:44.16> Tana

Oh gosh. you mean like the end of the world is coming and I have one meal left?

<00:27:49.02> Mareya

Yes, the end of the world is coming and you have one meal.

<00:27:51.19> Tana

Oh, I’m just going to be really honest it’s probably going to be whatever I wanted to! It’s going to be.. let’s see. It would probably be a mud pie and some sort of warm pasta and gooey sauce. But I would have to know if it’s actually be the end of the world because the next day I would be so miserable! I know I would pay the price! I don’t do this because, believe me, I am just as susceptible as everybody else. I don’t crave those foods anymore because I don’t eat those foods. When you eat them, you crave them. If you don’t eat them, you don’t crave them. it’s not that I am as susceptible as anybody else. Those foods are addictive that’s why we like them. But I don’t eat them because I know that the next day it’s not worth it to me. I don’t feel deprived for eating healthy. I feel deprived when I wake up in the morning and I feel awful when I don’t get to live my mission. Being here, talking to you, Mareya, is, this is the treat.

<00:28:47.29> Mareya

I love it. and I hear it in your voice. your passion just shines through. You are a wellness warrior through and through. And you are a beautiful person from the inside out and I just want to thank you and honor you with this and know that your legacy will live. And it will inspire so many others and I want everybody to get out and get the Omni diet. Seriously, it is so beautifully written and so inspirational and so understandable. And it really is based on science and there is so much “crap” out there, there’s a lot of garbage that people just don’t, they don’t even know. They’re just kind of expounding this stuff that’s not true. and we need to get onboard with what’s true. so check out the Omni diet. We’ll have that link in the show notes and follow Tana. she is amazing and she’s just got so much to offer so, Tana, I really appreciate your time today and we hope to chat with you again on The Real Dish.

<00:29:53.05> Tana

Thank you.

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