Survival Skills 101: Teaching Kids Kitchen Confidence

Survival Skills 101: Teaching Kids Kitchen Confidence
Are your kids picky eaters? Do they fuss over whatever mommy makes and what is placed on the table? Food is the fuel that keeps us all running high and helps us thrive. Getting them more involved and hands-on is the best survival skill you can teach them.
In this episode, I talked to Katie Kimball who is the CEO and founder of Kitchen Stewardship. In 2016 she created the #1 bestselling online kids cooking course, Kids Cook Real Food, helping thousands of families around the world learn to cook. A mom of 4 kids from Michigan, she is also a Certified Stress Mastery Educator, a member of the American Institute of Stress and trained speaker through Bo Eason’s Personal Story Power. Welcome back for another awesome episode of Recipes for Your Best Life!
We’ll discuss
1. What kids think of nutrition
2. The Pandemic – really an opportunity to educate your kids
3. How to teach your kids to cook
“The more exposure you have to the food, the closer you’ll get to eating it!”
– Katie Kimball, founder and CEO of Kitchen Stewardship


Link to free knife class:

Recipe link:

Recipe Link:

My kids’s other favorite recipe:

Ode to cabbage:

Connect with Katie:


0:56 Don’t dumb down your kids
1:56 Meet Katie Kimball
3:20 Teaching her kids to cook
5:45 Mommy skills and starting from square one
6:57 Learning through the mommy boot camp
8:34 On the top of the world – the reaction
10:48 What do kids think of nutrition?
12:43 Blend it! It will work
13:18 Picky eaters – how to change it?
15:48 Daily science nuggets
17:04 Eatcleaner
18:43 Connection with your family
21:30 Pandemic – really an opportunity to educate your kids
23:40 Making it easy – teaching kids over the online course
26:00 It’s just fear (the easy and the challenging part)
27:27 Favorite skills
28:18 Independent study
29:29 A way to bond over food
31:50 Building toward independence
33:46 Try this! That one food that you base yourself on
36:20 What has it all taught Katie?

38:27 Connect with Katie Kimball

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