Salmonella Cucumber Outbreak: How to Protect Your Family

An outbreak has struck again…this time, cucumbers. As of today, September 10th, 2015, over 340 reported illness (70% hospitalized) and two deaths across 30 states have been connected with a Salmonella outbreak from cucumbers imported from Mexico.

Articles covering the story recall ‘another outbreak,’ but whenever I see these hit the news, my heart hurts…for the families, the afflicted and for everyone who will be affected in their lives by something that is so largely controllable.

The fact is, the FDA, CDC and USDA will continue to tell us that cleaning produce with water is enough. Just like smoking was ok for you. Just like giving children soda with their milk would help digestion. The idea of this is just not logical. NOTHING we wash with water alone is called CLEANING…it’s referred to as RINSING. This has been proven by our extensive lab research.

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As we know, Salmonella doesn’t just come from meat or chicken. Produce is a common culprit – it comes out of the ground, is handled by many, sprayed, grown with manure and fertilizers and there’s potential for fecal contamination risk at every step. Yes…I said, fecal, friends. That’s how the vast majority of Salmonella and other food borne bacteria gets transmitted. If it’s not washed properly, the contamination will be transmitted where it can wreak havoc .

So, who is at risk of getting sick? Really, everyone, although those the elderly, children and pregnant women are the highest risk groups. About half of the over 340 sickened are kids under 18 because of their developing immune systems.

Now, how do you protect yourself?

I urge you to listen to the podcast I recorded with renowned business expert and celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson. In it, I shared my Top 5 places where food borne pathogens can thrive and how to mitigate your risk from getting sick. This podcast is a public service announcement, and could save your life. When it comes to making food choices, we are the protectors of our plates so it’s important to be a savvy eater and consumer. Please listen to this very important message captured by Chalene Johnson’s iTunes award-winning “The Chalene Show” and please help us pass the plate. The more you know, the better prepared you are.


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