Raising Nourished Girls: Feeding the Next Generation for Greatness

Raising Nourished Girls: Feeding the Next Generation for Greatness

Feeding the Next Generation for Greatness

An Interview Series for Moms of Pre-Teen/Teen Girls

There are a lot of influences out there, and not all of them have our kid’s best interest at heart. I know that oh-so-well as a woman constantly bombarded by media and images of what we ‘should’ aspire to look like. As a mom of a young woman myself, I understand the challenges this generation has with social media.

Do you feel the same?

One of the most impactful opportunities we have to make shift happen is by teaching the next generation of women how to nourish themselves and have a positive self-image. That’s why I’m participating in The Nourished Girls Project and I invite you to join me.

What is this Event?

It’s a FREE Online Interview Series for Moms of Pre-Teen/Teen Girls

This event will offer simple, practical and useful tips and guidance for how to support, nourish, inspire, and educate the “Whole Pre-Teen/Teen Girl” (and their mom) with her “everything’s changing” in the areas of health, empowerment, body confidence, self-esteem, puberty, periods, nutrition and overall wellness.

Things are different right now in our world and life. Feeling more empowered, prepared and supported through your pre-teen/teens health and wellness development could be more important now than ever!

What better time than NOW to:

  • Feel more prepared during your pre-teen/teen girls puberty and periods.
  • Empower and Inspire our girls to dream big, live their joy and know anything is possible!
  • Learn more about supporting your pre-teen/teen with her confidence, self-esteem, healthy relationships and emotional wellness.
  • Learn more about organic period products and why it’s so important for our health and the planet.
  • Get tips on how to make nourishment and nutrition simple and easy by supporting her changing moods, hormones and changing body.
  • Experience more joy, hope and ease during this different time in our world.
  • Creating more connection and community for our girls and us moms by providing them with the tools and education they need to be inspired change-makers.
  • Cultivating healthy habits for your daughters and the whole family.

I’m inviting you to join in on hearing from health and wellness experts and thought leaders from all over the world…for FREE!

Welcome to the Raising Nourished Girls Interview Series

These short 20-minute inspiring and impactful interview sessions were custom-designed for busy moms and are led by expert Women’s Health Doctors, Thought Leaders, Activists, Empowerment Coaches, Girl Empowerment Nonprofits, Wellness Professionals, Motivational Speakers, World Changers and Authors from all over the world (including me).

If you’re feeling called to nourish your pre-teen/teen girl (and yourself) and learn more about what could be possible in support of Raising Nourished Girls, sign up below….

Sign Up for the Free Program

When you sign up, you’re able to:

  • Attend the Interview Sessions around your schedule as they are pre-recorded and only 20 minutes each.
  • Hear from health and wellness experts and empowering thought leaders from all over the globe.
  • Have access to amazing FREE gifts provided by our guest speakers.

The event starts TODAY, FEBRUARY 8th and it’s completely FREE!! Hope to see you there!



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