Overcoming Adversity, Pain and Fear with Relentless Courage

Overcoming Adversity, Pain and Fear with Relentless Courage



Tana Amen is no stranger to tough times. In her new memoir, “The Relentless Courage Of A Scared Child: How Persistence, Grit and Faith Created a Reluctant Healer,” she dives into this in detail. In this compelling episode, Tana Amen shares how overcoming her traumatic past made her a passionate champion for others in need of healing and hope. Tana Amen is a New York Times bestselling author, neurosurgical ICU trauma nurse, and vice president of Amen Clinics, co-founded with her husband, renowned psychologist Dr. Daniel Amen. Tana is a true warrior, and I’m proud to call her a dear friend! I got the chance to work on the NY Times bestseller The Daniel Plan with the Amens and they are legitly one of my favorite couples in the whole world! I hope you’ll tune in.


1:33 Welcome back Tana Amen

2:56 How has it been through Covid? The busiest time of the year

6:37 Responding to the need for mental support

10:22 Warrior mindset and preparing

13:13 The new book & the true meaning of the title

19:20 Magnification & family influence – my grit and our grit

23:13 Coping mechanism to use during the crisis

29:55 Get your exercise on and make it your habit!

31:39 Your food matters- choose what you eat and notice how it reflects on you

42:35 What are your triggers? Food and emotions

47:00 Creating boundaries for yourself

49:25Shoulding” all over yourself- you shouldn’t

51:01 Get Tana’s book on pre-order

52:25 Forgiving yourself and making peace



And make sure to listen to Episode 28 of RFYBL for my first interview with Tana: How to be a brain warrior and why your health depends on it.

Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-be-brain-warrior-why-your-health-depends-on/id1449151221

About the book: A terrifying childhood of abandonment and abuse, battles with cancer and depression, and a never-ending fight to be valued for more than her outward appearance conspired to rob Tana Amen of a voice–and the healthy future she deserved. Then, as a single working-mother secretly suffering from an eating disorder, she met Dr. Daniel Amen, the world-renowned psychiatrist and groundbreaking researcher using brain-scan imagery to transform clinical practice. Through their relationship she was able to release her need for self-protection, find healing, and experience transformation and wholeness. Written in a refreshingly direct style, this powerful book is an eye-opening account of one woman’s courage to face her past and embrace truth in order to offer hope and healing to others struggling with traumatic experiences. Integrating cutting-edge psychology, proven wellness techniques from the Amen Clinics, and intimate anecdotes from Tana Amen’s life, this engrossing memoir is an inspirational look at what’s possible for anyone who desires healing. Tana Amen’s journey, which is both tragic and, at times, funny, offers guideposts to readers who are on their own healing journey.


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